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Spymaster Pro Cell Phone Monitoring App Review 2019

Spymaster Pro Cell Phone Monitoring App Review

Why Spymaster Pro Cell Phone Monitoring?

Spymaster Pro is cell phone monitoring software, which allows parents to track calls, read messages, access contacts list and check other activity their kids perform. Spymaster Pro works in many countries throughout the world. But, unfortunately, they don’t provide their monitoring services for continental China.

The Spymaster Pro software works in background mode and transfers all the tracked information to the XML sheet on the server. Then, the data is copied to your personal account. So, you can comfortably check it whenever you want to.

Let’s find out how the Spymaster Pro software works on different platforms.

How Spymaster Pro Works On iPhone

The first thing you should know is Spymaster Pro is compatible with iOS 9-11.2.2. Before purchasing the software, make sure the cell phone monitoring software supports your iOS device.

You should purchase a subscription plan to start monitoring the iOS device. One-month plan for iOS monitoring will cost you € 38.21. The plan covers Snapchat, WhatsApp tracker, allows to review call logs and access phonebook on the iPhone of your child.

Once you purchase the plan, you need to obtain iCloud credentials. Spymaster Pro will send you the guidelines. Follow them to find the credentials and set up the software on the iPhone. No installation of Spymaster Pro software is required for iPhones.

As soon as a setup of the Spymaster Pro app is complete, log into your Control Panel. Here you will see the collected activity logs appear. Check the Panel once in a while for the activity updates.

It is not allowed for the customers to change the iCloud credentials once they are filled in an account. If you indicate wrong credentials, you will need to purchase a new subscription plan for another iPhone.

How Spymaster Pro Works On Android

For the Android devices, you also have to check compatibility before the purchase of Spymaster Pro. Only Android 4.4-7 will be compatible with the software.

You should start with purchasing the subscription plan for Android device monitoring. Spymaster Pro offers two plans for Android phones: Basic and Premium. They differ in list features provided and prices. The Basic plan will cost you € 26.05 for one month of Spymaster Pro use. Premium subscription is slightly expensive – € 32.13 for one-month use.

Once payment is processed, you will receive installation guidelines for Android phones. Install the Spymaster Pro software on the target Android phone adhering to guidelines. Then log in to your Control Panel to begin monitoring the smartphone.

The monitored smartphone has to be connected to the Internet for adequate activity tracking. Without Internet access, the Spymaster Pro app won’t transfer recorded activity to your Panel. Establish the connection to ensure correct monitoring.

Employee Monitoring Software

The disrespectful behavior of employees may sometime undermine the credibility of a company or an enterprise. To prevent data leaks and other related problems, managers should supervise their employees. Monitoring their online activity may be the solution. That’s why Spymaster Pro offers employee monitoring software.

With Spymaster Pro you can control what data your employee share. Once the software is installed on their devices, you can track their sent and received texts, follow GPS location and look through e-mails.

Many people consider employee is monitoring an unlawful activity. Spymaster Pro representatives explain that purchasing the software the person must be the legal owner of the smartphone. If the person is not the owner, they have to obtain the user’s authority to install the Spymaster Pro on their device.

In other words, it is legal to monitor your employees’ devices. But only if you inform them about your intentions to install the software and supervise their online activity.

Child Cell Phone Monitoring

Every parent wants to protect the child from the harmful effect of the Internet. But it is impossible to forbid the access to World Wide Web for the kid altogether. It is a vast source of useful information. There are many dangerous things the child can be exposed to easily.

Spymaster Pro offers parents a way to ensure your child is fine online and offline. With cell phone monitoring software, it’s easy to track kid’s activity. Spymaster Pro collects data on the child’s phone and transfers it directly to your Panel.

What activity can Spymaster Pro monitor? The Basic subscription plan allows to monitor the following activities:

  • Text Messages
  • GPS location
  • Contacts list
  • E-mails and photo gallery

The Premium includes some advanced ones. These are:

  • WhatsApp tracking
  • Facebook Messenger monitoring
  • Snapchat and Instagram tracking

With a variety of monitoring features from Spymaster Pro, parents can ensure their kids’ security. But not all the parents think parental control software is a good idea. They insist that children also need privacy and parents shouldn’t violate it.

Should parents monitor their child’s activity or not?

It was always not entirely safe for the child to wander the streets alone. The first child abduction case happened in 1874, and there were many of them since. Indeed, it is easy to trick the child into a conversation and commit an abduction. But with the rise of technology reaching the child has become even easier.

Now, any person can send a child a message on social media. They can exchange photos, videos and other material in private chats. Being unaware of online dangers, children can entrust the personal information to a complete stranger. In result, many of the kids fall victims to child predation, sexting, pressure and cyberbullying.

Children who get involved in such situations are aware of the online dangers. But they don’t know how to deal with them. They lack the courage of saying no to a rude person and rejecting a friend who doesn’t behave like one anymore. They don’t know how to act responsibly online. That’s why parental supervision is necessary.

Is cell phone monitoring useful?

Parents can and should take actions to prevent hazardous Internet activity. Cell phone monitoring software is not the only way to avoid internet threats. But indeed, it is one of the most effective ones.

Modern cell phone tracking tools give insights into all activity types. You can check the messages your child sends and receives, find out what numbers do they save to the contacts list and which apps do they use the most.

Some parental control apps include blocking feature. It allows limiting access to inappropriate material and different apps, installed on the device of the child. So, the child won’t be able to visit dangerous platforms and play violent mobile games.

Cell Phone Spy Software

Spymaster Pro is a cell phone spy software, which allows you to obtain information from the monitored device. To review the collected data, you don’t need to have physical access to the tracked smartphone. The physical access is only required to perform the installation of the spy software.

After the installation, you can enjoy the browser tracking feature. How to track your kid’s browser use with Spymaster Pro?

Children use the mobile browser to search for information. Some of them prefer using the pre-installed browser, and others apply Google Chrome to visit different websites. Spymaster Pro allows you to track every browser installed on the monitored device.

You can also find out what time exactly did your child browsed the websites. Were they using the browser during lessons? Or were they looking for inappropriate material? As a parent, you have to know what type of content your child faces.

Spymaster Pro also copies all the URL’s the child types into the search field. So, you will know what websites do they visit often. Browser tracking features not only helps to discover your child’s interests and hobbies but also help to prevent dangerous material exposure.

Samsung Spy Software

Spymaster Pro supports a wide range of Android devices to provide monitoring features for Samsung smartphones. The set of features available for Samsung is available in Basic and Premium subscription plans. What exactly can you track on the Samsung device of your child?

  • Call details – You can easily obtain call details if the Samsung spy software is installed on the smartphone of your child. Log in to your Panel to check the incoming and outgoing calls info.
  • Photo insights – You can access photo gallery on your kid’s Samsung and see all pictures taken on the device’s photo camera. All the images will be available in your Panel.
  • WhatsApp messages – Spymaster Pro copies your conversations of your child on WhatsApp to your Panel. Review the chats remotely anytime.

You can also track many other activities performed on your child’s Samsung smartphone. Knowing where your child is any minute is a privilege. Spymaster Pro track GPS location of your child to provide you with current location updates. What data can you find out by monitoring kid’s location?

  • Places your child visits the most – Cafe, park, swimming pool, friend’s house or library – you can discover what places does your child love to visit. GPS location tracker allows to find out how much time does child spend at a particular place.
  • Neighborhood they wander – With GPS location tracking you can be sure your kid is on their way from school. Use Spymaster Pro to monitor which block they walk to protect them in case of emergency.
  • Playing truant from school – Checking your child’s GPS location may help to detect whether they reached the school or not. Prevent truancy and make sure your kid doesn’t miss lessons.

Is it safe to use Spymaster pro app?

Spymaster Pro software developers ensured safety and invisibility of the app. Users can turn their worries off and start monitoring their kids’ activity with the help of Spymaster Pro app. The Spymaster Pro representatives claim that no one can notice the installed software. They assure that:

  • There is no icon – Spymaster Pro icon isn’t displayed in the menu of the target smartphone. The child won’t be able to find out that some software is installed.
  • The software works in a stealth mode – The screen of the target device doesn’t light up when the Spymaster Pro software is in action. The app transfers any activity logs to your Panel leaving no traces.
  • The app tracks activity remotely – As any other parental control app, Spymaster Pro works remotely. The activity collected goes right to the Panel, once the device connects to the Internet.

Spymaster app compatibility

We have already outlined which devices are compatible with the Spymaster Pro software. But the app has specific requirements, and users have to follow to monitor someone’s smartphone.

First of them, is a stable Internet connection. To track the activity regularly, the monitored device has to be connected to the Internet. As you know, the Spymaster Pro software transfers the collected logs to your Panel with the help of the Internet. Once the device loses the connection, the app won’t be able to transmit the data.

Installation of the Spymaster Pro app on Android smartphones requires physical access. You need to perform the installation on your own and ensure the software is set up to work correctly. For iOS devices, installation is not required. But you need to find out iCloud credentials.

Does mSpy app is better than spymaster app?

The mSpy app is a popular monitoring software, which covers many useful features for advanced device tracking. mSpy is compatible with most Android and iOS devices. The mSpy software offers three subscription plans to meet the needs of any user. With mSpy, users get assured that their child is safe and sound. Scan some other benefits of mSpy:

  • Complete customer care – Most of the parental control software guarantee around the clock customer support. mSpy also covers that. But with mSpy, you can get the monitoring software installed on your device. mSpy support team will install and set up the app on the target device for you any time.
  • Comprehensive demo – You can understand how the mSpy software works by examining the demo version of the app. In case of any doubts, check the demo to ensure you get what you pay for.
  • Keylogger – Keylogger allows parents to find out what does their child type on the device’s keyboard. mSpy catches every written word and sentence and copies them to your Panel for comfortable monitoring.
  • Geofencing alerts – GPS location tracking is the top requested feature of all the parents. Additionally, to current location tracking, mSpy sends alerts once the child enters or leaves predefined geofence. You can set the geofence easily from your Panel.
  • Incoming calls blocking – mSpy helps to prevent unwanted numbers from reaching your child. Add the phone number to the block list from your Control Panel and protect your kid from toxic connections.

mSpy has many features to offer. With user-friendly interface and attentive customer support, mSpy will guarantee your child safety and security both on and offline.

Spymaster Pro App REQUIRES Android RATING:

4.2 (436127 ratings )
Price: $178.84

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