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Daniel Black

Spyzie, a monitoring tool once popular among users, is known to have stopped working. It no longer processes new requests, and its website has remained under maintenance since April 2020. What’s more, there is no further notice regarding if or when things are going to resume.

If you have already tried to access Spyzie.com, you know the site redirects to famisafe.wondershare.com. The support page is the only section you can access. However, you will find the following message there:

“We are sorry to say that we stopped selling this product. We do not accept any new registration/subscription. Our service is no longer available.”

The good news is that registered users can access their Spyzie dashboards at the moment. The company neither issues new subscriptions, nor auto-renews the current ones. So, if your subscription on Spyzie is about to expire, you’d better log in to your admin panel and backup your data.

New users or those who only seek a monitoring tool are recommended to find an alternative solution. As an option, they can try mSpy, an app with a similar stack of functions that works right now.

However, before deciding on giving up Spyzie, you need to compare both applications. In this Spyzie review, we have collected the essential facts about the app. Just keep reading if you experience difficulties with making a decision.

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What is Spyzie?

According to Spyzie reviews, it is a well-tailored software for users who need to monitor their kids, partners, or coworkers. This app has a leading position in the monitoring market thanks to its advanced monitoring options. With its help, parents can protect kids from people that hurt and insult them online.

It’s no wonder that thousands of users are deeply concerned about the fact that Spyzie is not working anymore.

How Does Spyzie Work?

Spyzie is pretty similar to other mobile monitoring apps. After purchasing a subscription, you get a Spyzie account. You also get access to a dashboard where you can connect a device that you want to monitor. All the monitored data is saved in the dashboard.

You can use Spyzie on both iPhone and Android devices. Similar to mSpy, you need to get iCloud credentials to supervise someone on iOS.

To monitor an Android device, you need to set up a plugin and install the Spyzie apk file on a target phone or tablet. To get started with monitoring, you need to access the control panel. Make sure your email address is valid, as your login details and Spyzie apk links will be emailed to you after you subscribe.

Spyzie places a temporary icon on a target device when you set it up. However, it disappears after the installation is complete. As previously mentioned, it works in stealth mode.

The monitored data on your dashboard is updated every 4 hours. When you access the Spyzie account, the synchronization turns on automatically. Another way to update the data is to do it manually by clicking the synchronization icon. Depending on the size of the stored information, its delivery to your phone can take time.

What Features Does Spyzie Offer?

In a nutshell, you can see all the data you need on the monitored device. But it goes deeper than that. Here’s a more detailed summary of what Spyzie lets you do.

View Call Logs

You can check out the target device’s call history. The call logs are sorted by time and date. They contain contact names, phone numbers, call time and duration, and types of calls (outgoing, incoming, withdrawn, and accepted).

Read Text Messages

You can read the iMessage chat history if the target device is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If messages contain multimedia files, you can view them, too, and download them to your device.

Track GPS Locations

You can always get detailed updates on a phone’s real-time location and view the whole route history. This is how you get information about a person’s current whereabouts.

Monitor Social Media Apps

The app makes it possible to monitor WhatsApp chatting, including chat history and multimedia files. And if you’re worried that your partner has a Tinder account, you can easily check this out with Spyzie.

View Media Files

People often film events from their life and share them online. So this feature is very eye-opening, especially when you need to find out when and where the videos were taken. What’s more, you can see images sent and received via different channels.

Check Contacts

You can view contacts in a target device’s phone book. You can also see names and numbers and download them to your device.

View Calendar Events

Spyzie allows you to view the calendar, planned events, and their location. You can also monitor reminders and listen to recorded data.

Check Out Browsing History

You can look through the browsing history and see what sites and social media channels were visited. You can also view bookmarks right from your device.

What Devices Does Spyzie Support?

If you’re not sure that your device is compatible with Spyzie, you can check its compatibility on their official website or contact their support team. Usually, the app works flawlessly on iOS 8.0+ and Android 4+.

It’s necessary to admit that Spyzie features add some extra value to the phone’s specs. As most Android users access Spyzie on Samsung devices, they wonder whether this kind of software matches Samsung flagships like Samsung S9. Well, it absolutely does, as well as iPhone X.

Can I Install Spyzie Remotely?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to install or uninstall Spyzie remotely without accessing the target device.

However, you can install it without jailbreaking. To do that, you need the iCloud credentials of the device owner. The following method is suitable if you download the app from a computer to another phone:

  1. In iOS Settings, tap Tunes & App Store.
  2. Search for Automatic Downloads.
  3. Turn them on.
  4. Download the app.
  5. Open iTunes on a computer.
  6. Access the account with the Apple credentials, pick the app, and click Download.

In a few minutes, the software will appear on both devices.

Do I Need to Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad?

Jailbreaking is the operation of changing the iOS device’s software to get rid of the limitations and restrictions applied by Apple.

The most significant limitation is the inability to install apps that were not approved by them. With the jailbroken device, you can install an app from the App Store’s competitor, such as Google Play.

In the USA, iPhone jailbreak is legal. The United States Copyright Office announced that the Digital Millenium Act is not applicable to jailbreak. However, you’re not allowed to jailbreak an iPad. However, most experts recommend avoiding jailbreaking since it is associated with unauthorized penetration into the system.

The good news is that jailbreak is not required to use Spyzie.

Do I Need to Root an Android Device?

If you have an Android phone, you probably have heard about rooting. Rooting allows you to change your device’s software, improve its performance, and manage unwanted features.

The market provides lots of apps that allow you to root the device, so the overall procedure is simple. However, before doing anything with your phone or tablet, you should be aware of the associated risks. Improper rooting can lead to your device’s breakdown or its exposure to viruses and malware attacks.

To use Spyzie on Android, you don’t need to root a phone or a tablet.

Where Can I View Data From the Monitored Device?

Spyzie app makes the target phone’s data visible to you. You can view the necessary information on the dashboard panel of your Spyzie account. You can also use the Spyzie demo version to check out how things work before you buy a subscription.

For example, if you want to monitor Instagram or WhatsApp with Spyzie, make sure your package includes the relevant feature. If so, you can read SMS, view exchanged files, indicate the time when messages were sent, and view photos and videos through your control panel.

Spyzie works the same way with Viber, WeChat, and Facebook messenger, but it cannot monitor Twitter.

What Happens if I Cancel a Subscription or Disconnect the Target Device From My Spyzie Account?

If you cancel a subscription or detach the target phone from your account, the data will be deleted from the server. That’s because Spyzie stops gathering data from a target device after you cancel its services.

As was noted at the beginning of this article, Spyzie doesn’t renew active subscriptions. So, you’re recommended to save all data saved on your dashboard before your subscription expires.

mSpy vs Spyzie: How to Make a Choice

The mSpy mission lies in implementing technology into parents’ everyday lives to detect the signs of cyberbullying and protect their kids from predators. mSpy uses a sophisticated approach to provide you with a quality parental control service.

With mSpy, you can quickly identify and prevent cyberbullying by:

  • Monitoring Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and Telegram to detect harassment messages;
  • Detecting inappropriate content in social media apps;
  • Viewing keyboard strokes and setting keywords alerts for specific words;
  • Managing passwords with the help of the Keylogger feature;
  • Blocking unwanted websites, browsers, apps, and contacts.

All in all, it’s up to you what app, mSpy or Spyzie, is better for your needs. If you’re having trouble making a choice, we recommend researching the topic more deeply and reading other Spyzie reviews. Also, feel free to contact the mSpy support team if you have any questions about its features and possibilities.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.


  • I bought the Spyzie pp, and it was crap. I wasn’t able to get help. So I bouht mspy app! And it’s really works!

  • Spyzie is no doubt popular spy apps but the truth about spy apps, in general, is that they are an ineffective way to spy or monitor a cell phone.

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