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Stop sex trafficking with mSpy

Stop sex trafficking with mSpy

Sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery that exists worldwide. Sex traffickers use threats, deceit fraud, debt bondage, and other forms of coercion to persuade children and adults to engage in commercial sex acts against their will.

According to socialwork, an Ottawa teenager was charged with 30 offenses including human trafficking, forceful confinement, sexual assault and distributing child pornography. She used Facebook and other social media sites to befriend and recruit her 13-17 years old victims.

Sex trafficking Statistics

63% of underage sex trafficking victims said they had been advertised or sold online. (Report on the Use of Technology to Recruit, Groom and Sell Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims, Thorn, 2015).

About 300,000 US teens (mostly girls) become victims of human trafficking each year. And most of them are in the ages of 12 years to 14 years. Nearly 80% of human trafficking is for sex, and 19% is for labor exploitation.

Christopher Ashton Kutcher is an American known in the entertainment industry has an anti-human trafficking organization that has rescued about 6000 victims. According to him, the common denominator is the Internet. Most of these victims were got via the Internet in the form of work advertisement. Likewise through social media chat rooms and sold on the dark internet world as commodities.

An example cited in of human trafficking in Denmark, where authorities noted suspicious advertisements for dancers, nannies, and waiters on Web sites in Latvia and Lithuania. The traffickers used Internet sites to post advertisements for jobs in Western Europe. Also, an anti-trafficking group based in Poland reports that 30% of its clients (trafficked women) were recruited through the Internet.

Why you should use mSpy parental control app as a preventing tool

The Internet could be a weapon used against parents when it comes to children. On the other hand, it is the same tool used to help parents protect their children.

Just as children are constantly being monitored in physical life, their online activities should be monitored as well – hence a phone tracker app is needed. Those who they call online friends should be scrutinized by parents. mSpy parental control app is just the tool to help you out.

mSpy monitors the top social media messaging apps. You get to see the chat details – read the actual messages and see the timestamps and dates. So if any of these traffickers are targeting your children, it would be brought to your attention.

The GPS location and Geofencing features which the mSpy parental control app has gives parents and guardians a real-time location coordinates and addresses and route histories of your kids. So you get to know where your children are at any given time. You also get to set areas you consider dangerous and safe. You get alerted when your child leaves or enters those zones.

Sex traffickers as mentioned earlier use job vacancies to target teens. So with the Browser history feature, you get to view all web pages your child visits and the history of his/her online patterns. Besides if they are ever coerced into browsing in the incognito mode the mSpy keylogger feature captures all keystrokes on the child device’s keyboard.

These human traffickers are cruel and once these children are sold they are forced into child prostitution and child labor. In some cases, their organs are harvested and sold. Don’t ever let your loved ones become victims of human trafficking.

Use mSpy parental control app to assist you in protecting your children.

mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.

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