Stopping a pedophile before they’ve abused a kid could become possible!

Carl L. Hirsch

Sweden plans to conduct a unique clinical trial aiming to intervene in the lives of potential abusers.

If the trial becomes successful, millions of kids could be saved! The trial, conducted  at the Karolinska Institute, one of the top rated medical universities in the globe, is recruiting 60 potential sex offenders before they have broken the law.  The trial is about to use a special drug to reduce the risk of the person committing kid abuse. More details regarding this trial can be found here. Let’s hope that trial will bring happy news and millions of kids would be saved from pedophiles.

Meanwhile, whilst we cannot be sure that such treatments can be used to prevent abuse in the first place, parents should teach their kids safety issues and keep an eye on everything their children are involved in by means of mSpy, one of the key instruments to safeguard modern children online. It is one of the best ways nowadays to really acknowledge any child’s interests and concerns. With the GPS tracking, parents can know if their children are in the wrong or dangerous neighborhood; with the messaging records, including texts, emails and most messengers – the cyber-bullying problem can be prevented.  With the web browsing history reports, concerned parents can make sure that children are not spending time on pornography or gambling websites.


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