Symphony Orchestra Performs Ringtones For Nokia

Many mobile phone users view their ringtone choice as a reflection of their personality, and as such, they spend a lot of time thoroughly selecting the melody that adequately takes their  fancy. Although they like  the production that goes into their favorite music, they perceive ringtones as more than just jingles.

Some cell phone manufacturers take ringtones very seriously, with Nokia being one of them.  This Finnish multinational heavyweight hired the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra to perform twenty-five new ringtones to be used in its smartphones. Such a serious attitude to ringtones is understandable: in different corners of the world, ringtones constitute over 30% of all digital music sales. If a manufacturer offer unusual  ringtones users remember, that’s a highly effective marketing tool. One can adore or or hate the most popular Nokia ring, but they will never forget it, even though they might think it would sound better on cello.

Nokia’s decision to hire an orchestra was not spontaneous. A preference study conducted by the company revealed that classical music ringtones enjoyed a huge popularity among cell phone users – such ringtones were the second most downloaded. The music for ringtones was composed by Nokia’s in-house ‘sound designers’ and then recorded with the 55 orchestra musicians.Some of these pieces  can be downloaded  for Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 on Nokia Site. They will also be available for a couple of upcoming Nokia models.
Nokia signed a contract with Epic Sound to record these ringtones. Asbjoern Andersen, composer at this studio, says that Nokia has done a huge work trying to innovate and evolve ringtones on mobile phones, and hiring a real orchestra takes this to a new level. Ringtones are mostly recorded in a studio using a synthesizer, but Nokia decided to make ringtones with a breathing, organic sound. A lot of effort and fresh idea have been put into the creation of these pieces. With Nokia cell phone sounds being heard around a million times a day, the company wants to make sure that users won’t get tired of their ringtones. Nokia is trying to reach perfection when it comes to Windows Phone, which is highly praised by users who prefer Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Nokia’s bringing a real symphony orchestra to record its ringtones is not just a foolish gimmick, but a smart move to please their customers. So, don’t worry — if you got a mint by now on your Gangam Style ringtone, the new classical pieces will be available on other Nokia models very soon.

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