Teacher jailed for sleeping with schoolboy, 16

Jeremy Brighton

A mother of a teenaged boy had to become a real spy to expose the relationship between her son and his Geography teacher. 

The mother of a 16-year-old boy (they both wanted to remain anonymous) became suspicious once she noticed her son started hidding something from her. He became more isolated and didn’t want to discuss any of his love issues any more. Still, to fool his parents, the pupil had invented a bunch of teenage girlfriends. But his mother went suspicious and once she noticed the teacher pick him up in her car at the family home.

Aged 27, Lauren Cox, was working at a school in south London. They fist met when the boy was only 13. She liked him from their first meeting and she often presented the boy sweets. Once the boy turned 16, their sexual relationship began. Needless to note, as the judge told to jail her for 12 months for five counts of sex with a teen, she screamed, telling ‘I’m sorry.’  More information on this case you can find here.

Had the boy’s mother mSpy installed on his device, she could have prevented the boy’s sexual acts with the teacher.

Meanwhile, we remind you that mSpy now is one of the key instruments to safeguard modern children online. It is one of the best ways nowadays to really acknowledge any child’s interests and concerns. With the GPS tracking, parents can know if their children are in the wrong or dangerous neighborhood; with the messaging records, including texts, emails and most messengers – the cyber-bullying problem can be prevented.  With the web browsing history reports, concerned parents can make sure that children are not spending time on pornography or gambling websites.

Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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Jeremy Brighton was born and raised abroad in the family of a military, and travelled a lot all over the world. He possesses extensive experience in translating/writing for international journals and newspapers. He is a dedicated and altruistic community worker, with degrees in both Economics and Computer Engineering.

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