Technology in the Service of the Senior Citizens

The question of respect and care for both young and old is a multifaceted one. “Respect your elders” can mean “Assure your elders’ safety for their sake”. Safety can be assured by monitoring their actions with the aim of preventing harmful consequences. If your parents are safe and sound, you must be a very happy person. But life is cruel, especially for those getting older, weaker and more helpless with every passing year. We do not become younger with time, that’s a commonplace. That is why we ought to take proper care of those who took care of us while we were in the crib.

Problem Core

There are complicated medical cases when elderly people suffer from incurable chronic diseases aggravated by the partial or permanent loss of memory, declining mental alertness, not so agile limbs as before etc. They may even remain active physically, but ailing mentally. They may find themselves lost in the unknown city districts, forget their address, or even worse – get into an accident with no one familiar at their side.

Ways Out

In the case every member of the family is occupied with their own worries, there is no time (and often money) left for the full-fledged care after the elders. What is the way out?

1.       The best variant is to hire a well-trained medical person to be in charge of the patient. But it’s not the cheapest one, of course.

2.       The second variant is to ask some relatives to extend a helping hand but, surely, they’ve got their own troubles, maybe, even more serious ones.

3.       Luckily, there’s one more variant one seldom thinks of at first; it’s to resort to the services of the modern technologies. This era of sky-rocketing technological development, IT engineers devised versatile applications for most diverse needs, both of home and business. This particular problem of the elders’ care has its “digital decision” as well. There are special cell phone tracking and monitoring programs to follow the physical whereabouts or online communications of people who cannot claim full responsibility for their actions, being either too young, or too old and weak. All they require is a simple mobile phone and a special app installed on it. No need to follow unhealthy people in the flesh, just track their GPS locations and actions remotely with the help of a small device. Your desktop will help you to get the overall picture on the screen.

What this app can do

Technically speaking, this app is simple but extremely effective. Such an application has numerous advantages attuned specifically for tracking people, namely:

a) tracking GPS locations when every movement of a person is displayed at the screen, allowing their quick detection;

b) one can find out if anyone tries to abuse the target phone (lost, stolen or taken away by force from the weak elderly persons), which helps to clarify the situation etc. It is possible to determine if the phone owner is still the same, and to wipe the phone completely or lock it temporarily in the case of an owner change.

c) with the help of this app, one can find out the actual state of parents’ health if they are too proud to confide health troubles to their children;

d) this app can reveal the cases when the elders entrust scam artists with great sums of money or implicitly trust mass media ads without knowing the real cost of services (often overestimated or utterly deceptive).


The segment of such mobile applications represents a market niche that is filled with numerous offers, but some of them are more competitive than others, offering the wider choice of useful functions, as well as prices and terms one is utterly comfortable with. For instance, an application called mSpy can be successfully employed to help those who are in need of a 24/7/365 helper to look after disabled, old or ill people.

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