My Teen is Dating, Is there anything I should Do as a Parent?

Patricia Belton
My Teen is Dating, Is there anything I should Do as a Parent?

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When Can Parents Allow Teens to Start Dating?

Parents fear when their children start dating at a tender age. When teenagers start dating early, they risk engaging in sex and that could lead to unwanted pregnancies and STIs. It’s also normal for you as a parent to become protective of your child to prevent them from getting hurt. However, this is not always possible.

There’s something to learn from each relationship, hence you need to talk to your kids about dating. Find out what they understand about dating; your understanding of this term and that of your child is bound to be totally different. Your teenager’s definition of dating might actually surprise you.

If you stop your children from dating, they can easily do it behind your back. Therefore, it’s important to be on their side. Develop open and healthy relationships with your teens so they can share everything with you, knowing you’re always there to help.

Furthermore, you still have so much control over your teenagers. Allow them to bring their girlfriends or boyfriends home to play or have dinner with the whole family. Get to know him or her as well as their family. Organize get-togethers and functions with your child’s boyfriend or girlfriend, giving them time to meet with their parents around.

Teach your children about relationships and the essence of trust and friendship. It’s also important for those in a relationship to share common goals and interests. Your teenagers get to learn valuable lessons and values from dating early. So, there’s no need to stop your teenager because there’s no right time to start dating. The best you can do is guide and supervise your kids and talk to them so they’re able to make wise decisions.

Letting your teenager start dating also prepares them for future relationships. Take the opportunity to show them how to treat their girlfriends or boyfriends, and know what to expect in return. However, discourage texting and phone calls, if that is not an option, you can always monitor it remotely with mSpy.

Develop Healthy Relationships and Family Meeting

As mentioned before, you need to develop a healthy relationship with your kids for them to share anything with you. Become their role models and show them how a man should treat a woman and vice versa in how you treat your spouse around them. Discuss relationships with your school-going children and let them know what counts and what doesn’t.

You also need to hold a family meeting when you think your teen child is about to start dating. Create rules on how they should go about it and what you expect. Your teenage kids must understand what’s acceptable and what’s not to ensure they’re safe and making the right decisions.

You must also discuss safe sex with your teenagers without making assumptions. Let them know the gravity of intimate relationships and possible repercussions. Also, discuss with them your views on sex, it shouldn’t be that they should wait until one is married but unprotected sex is not an option. Low self-esteem, secretiveness, and depression could be signs your teen child is engaging in unprotected sex.

Rules for Teens Dating

Develop clear and concrete dating rules for your teens. Discussing sex with your kids can make them respect you more and appreciate your honesty. When they understand the rules you set, they are more likely to follow them. With the right rules for guidance and creating boundaries, your teenage kids can have a wonderful dating experience.

Here are some dating rules for your teens:

  1. All socializations take place in groups and in the public until you show us you’re ready for private dates.
  2. You must allow us to meet your date and their parents.
  3. Ask us for permission in advance when making your plans. No last minute notices.
  4. Your no should always be a NO and keep your firm stance.
  5. When in a room or indoors, always keep the doors wide open.
  6. Never let anyone abuse you physically or verbally.
  7. Only engage in what you like and find comfortable.
  8. There’s a time for everything and now’s not the time for intimacy.

You can help your teen and be confident that everything is OK by monitoring your child, watching out for any suspicious signs and coming up with dating rules for guidance. With mSpy parental control app, you have access to GPS feature, Geo-fencing and messaging supervising remotely.

Contact us for more information if you need to learn further on how to guide your teen about dating.

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