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TeenSafe app reviews 2019: How it works for iOS and Android

TeenSafe app reviews 2018 How it works for iOS and Android

1.What is TeenSafe?

The TeenSafe app is a service which provides monitoring opportunities to parents on a subscription basis. The age category varies from 7 to 17-year-old. The TeenSafe Inc. developed it mostly for smartphones.

What is monitoring? For novices in the subject, let’s provide the definition. It is a regular process of gathering, analyzing and exploring the data to track something or somebody till the fact of gaining its purposes. It is concentrated on the steppingstones like what, where, when somehing is rolling out and who’s involved. Supervising or monitoring is held after the app or program is launched and keeps transfer necessary data. The target category of people is determined by the goal of the supervising person and the mission of the program or software. Usually, it’s about a routine collection of data that bring insights on some activity or progress. Tracking modifications, changes, shifts is also monitoring. It also means having a feedback, indications of progress. Its general purpose is to get enough data to make smart decisions in different fields of human activity.

In case of parental controls, this is how it rolls out. The user simply provides an email address and the system creates the account. When a user logs in to TeenSafe, they see a dashboard. From the latter, a parent can watch any interaction a kid has on the phone.

Monitoring is flat out important nowadays for parents. That’s why apps that allow to do it are set up for a strong growth. Why maintaining a regular surveillance over kids is so crucial? The reason is obvious – online dangers kids encounter on the Internet. Let’s overview some of them.

Online challenges became popular after the notorious cases of the Blue Whale Game circulating via the web. It happened to be obvious that parents needed to monitor what their kids are doing online since this game took more than 130 kids’ lives worldwide. Cyberbullying, contacts with online predators are also sufficient reasons for monitoring kids.

In general, TeenSafe is a player on the monitoring market. Children nowadays have multiple access to web-related devices and that’s the main factor of the market’s growth. The communication itself has changed. The Internet and the mobile communication make it difficult for parents track if their kids are involved in an unhealthy communication.

Even in-built parental controls witness that their concept makes sense in the realities of modern online dangers.

TeenSafe used mostly for Android fit in well the tendency of the worldwide Android use. It is estimated to become the most growing part of the market over the next decade.

Also, kids are more than ever subdued to the impact of the lewd and indecent content. To sum up, using parental control app is a must nowadays.

Do you want to have social proofs that TeenSafe and alternatives are necessary nowadays? Parental controls are approved by UNICEF and the European Commission. They inspire tech-savvy parents to use parental software to protect kids online. Even newbies in the field recognize its benefits.

Just give it a try – TeenSafe phone tracker will take care of your child’s online security. You’ll identify any toxic, unhealthy involvement, behavior, activities, etc. If you’re not sure about the result which will come out of using the app, read teensafe com reviews. They are very insightful and helpful.

If you don’t find it to be a good fit and want to cancel TeenSafe, read how to do it on the following points.

2. How do I cancel my TeenSafe account?

The service doesn’t want you to say goodbye, but if you made up your mind to cancel the TeenSafe account, you need to do the following:

  • Log in to your account
  • Find my Account section
  • Tip Cancel Subscription

Sometimes users do not remember email address credentials they used to access the account. For troubleshooting, feel free to contact a customer service staff. Make sure you have the following data to provide:

  • The first six digits and the last four digits of the credit card implied to install the account (all the figures shouldn’t be sent)
  • Credit card holder’s name and last name
  • When the last transaction was made
  • For PayPal users, provide the email address related to it

Apps like TeenSafe take care of their users, that’s why here are some tips about data protection. This information might be helpful if you unintentionally disclosed all credit card figures and any other information.

In 2016, there were about 15.4 million identity-theft cases. Nowadays, anybody can be a victim. However, it’s possible to take preventive measure:

  1. Thieves may fish for some piece of information about you. Afterward, they get the rest to gain a complete access to your financial resources. Some e-safety experts recommend literally locking up important docs, such as secure birth certificates, insurance cards, passports, credit cards at home.
  2. Even if the information you disclose it not financial, it’s enough sometimes. For example, when using Facebook, do not indicate your date of birth, full address, phone number, or any platform you use for personal or business users.
  3. Be careful with your snail mail. For example, you get bills every month. If it hasn’t been delivered, it could be a sign that somebody got access to your account and changed the address.
  4. Also, when receiving checks, pick them at the place instead of shipping them to your house. Make sure you’re not used to leaving outgoing mail in your post office or door slot for somebody else to deliver it. Noone should take it and get credit card numbers or other financial information.
  5. Check out all bank and credit card receipts every month on your own, but better once per week.
  6. Always try to use the paperless way for any bill, receipt, etc. If you need to read the financial statements, do it via the issuer’s website.

However, if you feel you’ve become a victim of identity theft, report a 90-day fraud report. If your personal data was compromised, you need to address the relevant institutions like credit card bureaus. You’ll have a free credit report and will be instructed about unauthorized credit activity.

If the fraud is identified, you can ask for credit card freezing till the case will be regulated.

Another question which pops up is “How to uninstall TeenSafe?” The service and the team are sorry to say goodbye to any customer. However, if you want to do it, feel free to contact the support staff. Also, you can log in to your TeenSafe account. Tap on the child’s name on the left. Above the Locations Map, find Settings. Click on the Remove button below Android or iOS device.

3. What does TeenSafe enable me to see?

If you’re a newbie to tech or an experienced customer, use TeenSafe free trial to figure out how it parents can see:

  • Text messages and iMessages ever received and sent by your kid, even the deleted ones. This feature might be very helpful if you need to find out whether your kid is having some toxic, unhealthy relationships with somebody.
  • Call logs with incoming and outgoing calls. Your kid gets upset or irritated every time somebody calls them? Or, do you want to know how your kid interacts with others? This feature is exactly for this.
  • Current device location and history. It’s not a secret that kids are obsessed with devices. So where the phone is, the kid is. This feature allows tracking the smartphone’s location.
  • Surfing history, websites bookmarks, and contacts from the phone book. This option helps parents get insights about the child’s inclinations, hobbies, interests, etc. Bookmarks can speak volume as well. Viewing contacts from the phone book might bring benefits in terms of unveiling bullies, predators, etc. in time.
  • Messages sent via Whatsapp and Kik Messenger.

There are notorious cases where messengers are widely used for cyberbullying. Thus, TeenSafe monitors WhatsApp and Kik Messengers. However, TeenSafe Instagram is not available. Does TeenSafe monitor Snapchat? The developer claims that these are only WhatsApp and Kik that are subdued to monitoring.

By the way, TeenSafe Users expect that the app will be able to monitor Snapchat. Here’s why. In 2016, it was the number one social media which promoted child sexting and cyberbullying. Since 2011, it has become insanely popular among teens and millennials. It has more than 8 million views each day. Every snap is only available for 10 seconds. However, if a user wants to save the image, they can take a screenshot. Thus, is a material is compromising, it can go viral and ruin somebody’s reputation.
Otherwise, Kik deserves to be explored more upon. Since it is deemed as another Tinder which is not a sore subject for parents. Some sources say it is the third app used for dating.

4. Does my teen need to know that I’m using TeenSafe?

Every family is unique as well as kids that need online protection. So it’s up to a parent to inform about the fact of their child being monitored. Many caregivers prefer informing their kids that they are using TeenSafe. However, TeenSafe tracker recommends disclosing to children that they are going to be supervised.

mSpy parental control app insists on conveying to kids the fact of monitoring. It is mentioned in its Privacy Policy. According to TeenSafe reviews in 2019, most parents are concerned about the trust between them and kids. They don’t want to break it. But if putting on the balance trust and kid’s life, what is more important?

The parents of the Blue Whale Game victims (kids who committed suicide after the final assignment of the game) said unanimously “I wish I had known before”. They would have recommended tracking the signs of any online danger.

Monitoring of kids is equal to monitoring employees at their workplaces. Monitoring is legal in the USA and the European Union. According to their legislation, employees have the right to privacy. So monitoring has to be performed in the spirit of transparency, legitimacy, and proportionality. Thus, the answer to a question “ Is TeenSafe legit?” is yes if it is used with the prior consent of the monitored person.

The business owners, execs or managers are obliged to provide a clear and understandable notice to workers about monitoring. The latter is possible only if the purpose is to protect the corporate interests and data without violating the employees’ rights for privacy.

Business superiors have the right to supervise emails, keystrokes, screens with the prior consent of the workers. However, there are much worse things that can ruin the very trust between a parent and a kid. And it’s not even controlling. Parents would better not to lose their oppeness and sincerity. Among all traits of the character, losing this one disappoints them the most. Do you remember laughing with all your heart at your kid’s innocent question or talk? Have you ever admired your child’s simplicity having in mind all that cumbersome life experience? Well, as much as you love your kid’s openness and sincerity as muсh your child loves yours. And the fact that this is disappearing over the years, affects them as well. How do kids see it disappears? When you deal with people, tackle problems and cope with obstacles, you’re being watched. Once you’re noticed to judge people, cynically making negative assumptions or putting labels, treat them improperly or unfairly, you undermine the child’s innate belief in a human being. This is the first time they understand: the world is not a safe place to live. The closest person in the world sets the signal: you’d better watch out.

The trust can be ruined if not treating kids with respect. Their dignity can be undermined when children are not respected properly. If you don’t listen to them, try to impose things without explaining why, turn up the heat or worse get irritated easily. As a result, they will protect themselves from you by isolating, closing up, and keeping silence. The parents’ role is to build up the child’s dignity, make them believe that dignity is something they don’t need to acquire or achieve. So, if parents doubt their dignity, how can kids trust them? Thus, how can kids trust themselves, their guts and inner self?

Also, when you’re betraying your kid’s expectations, you ruin trust between you. Have you ever heard the quote “a father is his daughter’s first love and the son’s first hero”? Dads by default become this person till he proves the opposite.

Keeping things in secret that belongs to a kid is a part of the trust. It breaks when parents do not take the kid’s words or situations they are being through seriously. How heartbreaking it is when a child finds out that the mom’s BFF, the grandma or even the family’s therapist is aware of what the child confessed particularly to a parent. Like in the church there’s the mystery of confession, let some super private talk be the mystery between you and your kid.

You ruin your kid’s trust When laughing at your kid’s shortcomings in public. Sometimes parents think it’s funny to tell a story about their kid to entertain other people. The story might be really amusing and worth being told. But it’s not about how you see things, it’s about how kids see them. Before telling it to anybody else, make sure your kid won’t be hurt or humiliated. On the contrary, next time they will hide mistakes and won’t open up about them.

Using TeenSafe software is not a way to punish your kid but to protect. But trust is rather undermined when promises to punish are never realized. Kids might be happy when avoiding the punishment but meanwhile, they understand the value of the promise. The punishment is the kid’s chance to face physically the consequences of their disobedience and misconduct. They teach them to be responsible within the family. After a while, this particular approach teaches them to be responsible in the society and the country whose laws they follow. If their trust to the rules are relative, questionable or undermined, how will they trust the system they are living in?

When parents undermine each other’s authority, it ruins trust as well.A kid asks for permission and a dad says yes while a mom says no adding “Don’t listen to your dad”. Or, a dad makes a decision without asking his wife’s opinion. For children, their mom and dad are a sole support system. They are their rock. And when they cannot come to an agreement, that speaks “all things are volatile, even the family”.

When parents prioritize somebody’s opinion or choice over their kid’s ones, they undermine their friendship with a kid. Even if other people’s opinions and choices are right and reasonable, find the way to turn the situation when you don’t have to pick the sides. Then at home, when a child feels safe and not judged, explain why they are wrong and what consequences their acts may have. Teach them to forgive and come to conclusion on their own that they need to apologize. Encourage them to come up to a person and say “I am sorry”.

Now we came to the control issue. Definitely, when there’s too much supervising and controlling, it affects kid’s trust. But TeenSafe encourages to inform about the fact of monitoring. There’s another way of controlling. This is probably the most terrible thing for a kid. When growing up, they need space. A wise parent should grant it. This is how you show your respect. It’s hard not to check on your kid every 30 minutes, especially when the news report “every year 800 000 children go missing”. But try not to annoy them with intrusive questions, constant texts, and calls. If you still want to be omnipresent in your kid’s life, use parental control apps. You will be informed about their whereabouts and from time to time will view if their chatting with people did not become toxic.

5. Does TeenSafe work with all mobile phones?

TeenSafe configurator works for iPhone, Android smartphones, and Android pre-paid phones. It can be used for iPads and the iPod touch. The app is not compatible with Windows phones and Blackberries.
TeenSafe for iPhone provides the same monitoring opportunities as for Android. However, if the parents’ focus is supervising messengers, TeenSafe is not a good fit.

Meanwhile, the mSpy parental control app allows parents to monitor Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Tinder, and Hangouts. Why would a kid use Tinder? Some stats say teens use it for finding romantic partners to fuel their self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, the number of features available for iPhone and Android varies. Also, there are 3 types of packages with different opportunities. Each of them is well-tailored to particular needs of families.
The other thing to pay attention to is the version of iOS and Android, jailbreak and rooting solutions.
Jailbreak is regarded in the light of iPhone. Before performing the jailbreak, you need to find out all pros and cons, benefits and risks. .To provide you with more control over iPhone or iPod touch, the jailbreak modifies their operating system. You can get rid of Apple restrictions and set up applications or download any kind of content that Apple might disapprove. Another word which comes with jailbreak is unlocking.

With the jailbroken devices you can do the following:

  • Make iOS device the way you want it to be
  • Get rid of built-in apps provided by default by Apple
  • Set up apps that Apple Store does not provide
  • Get some paid apps for free (which is illegal, by the way)
  • Access the content (music, video, podcasts, ebooks and other content) for free

Jailbreaking cons:

  1. Apple is a sort of monopolist in terms of preventing their devices’ customizing. It supervises the way their devices function, what’s the level of security, and the user’s experience. Instead, the jailbreak makes the phone vulnerable and unstable.
  2. Security worries. Apps selected by Apple Store are secured. The rest outside it is less guaranteed to be safe for iOS devices. Apple protects iOS devices from spam, fishing, security breaches, malicious apps. The jailbreak removes this protection.
  3. When jailbroken, an iPhone is more subdued to attacks, viruses, hacks, etc.
  4. Upgrade issues. From time to time, Apple upgrades snd updates apps according to the latest versions of iOS. In this case, jailbroken devices may not be able to upgrade or leave the jailbreak.
  5. Customers with jailbroken phones do not get official support. Apple refuses to provide assistance to those who decided to get around their work principles.
    • Please, do not mess up with how to get around TeenSafe. These are two different cases.
  6. Jailbreaking needs some tech skills. So if a user has no idea how to do it correctly, they can damage the device at all.

Rooting is the same by meaning but it is specifically for Android. Rooting enables an Android user to do much more with the device than usually. It provides more access to the operating system. It means more control as well as more vulnerability.

Rooting means a users voids the warranty and breaking the phone systematically. As with iOS, Android devices are up to a user to maintain, upgrade and update. Rooting is also murky in terms of legitimacy. However, there are details to factor in when considering rooting.

6. Will I be able to see images or video sent via text

Unfortunately, this opportunity is not provided by TeenSafe. Its Policy says that they do not display images, videos sent via text messages.

Meanwhile, the mSpy parental control app allows parents to watch photos, videos sent, received, stored, downloaded, uploaded from the device. What’s the point to claim to be a packed parental control app without having the possibility to view multimedia files? They could be very insightful. Again, parents can understand their kid’s online exposure, behavior, etc. Also, it works perfectly for identifying if a kid is involved in the child sexting. For example, the notorious case of Jane Doe shows that exchanging sexually explicit material over the web might be disruptive. The girl has just sent a revealing photo to a boy. As a result, she got criminal charges which can affect her housing opportunities, education, and career success.

Let us remind that sexting means sending the sexually explicit content to another person. In America, 39% of teens sent dubious messages and 48% got them, according to the survey of Statistic Brain Institute. However, not too many people realize that this is actually criminalized and illegal.

If have a look at the American legislation, if a kid shares or takes naked photos and sends them, they can be accused of the participation in the child pornography. The House of the Representatives adopted the bill criminalizing sexting among children. The parents of sexting kids can go to prison. The Australian legislation says that if an adult stores the sexually explicit material which belongs to an underage person, they possess child abuse content. The storing person will be registered as a sex offender for at least 8 years.

So apps like TeenSafe and mSpy help parents keep a strong eye on things that can ruin kids’ reputation.

7. How is TeenSafe different

Despite the fact that we’ve already described the jailbreak or rooting solutions, the TeenSafe app doesn’t require them. In other words, TeenSafe doesn’t ask you to compromise the phone’s safety and break the rules of the warranty. That means TeenSafe for iOS 10 doesn’t need any intrusion. In overall, the software provides a safe way to access and supervise their children’s online life. Meanwhile, its capacities are much fewer.

mSpy doesn’t need the jailbreak for iOS 7+ and Android 4+. However, the number of features is much wider.

We’ve already covered why mSpy is flat out better, especially when it’s about the child’s safety. Being able to monitor more means a lot in the realities of online dangers.

The developer claims that the app is the number one tracker for iPhone. The biggest difference is the fact that the app doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting. This means that the company does not push the user to violate the Apple’s restrictions. In due turn, that means that when using the iOS device, a customer still can benefit from Apple’s upgrades and updates.

On Android devices, it is set up in the background and undetectable because it is not visible on home screens or apps’ dashboards.

Once a customer creates a TeenSafe account, they solely can view the following information:

  • Text messages and iMessages
  • Calls with contact names, number, dates, calls’ duration
  • Erased WhatsApp and Kik messages
  • Supervise Facebook and Instagram activity
  • Web searches and surfing history
  • Real-time placement

8. Can I add more than one teen

Having more than one teen in the house? Want to monitor all of them to keep the peace of mind? TeenSafe can definitely help you with it. You can add as many teens as you want, herewith no extra expenses are not required.

Let’s find out why it might be helpful? If you have a troubled, rebellious kid in the house than this app is a good fit. They used to run away or wonder after classes. Or worse, hanging out with friends you do not approve.

Every year, about 800 000 children go missing in the U.S. The reasons are different. But the main reason that unites all the cases is the lack of communication and understanding between parents and kids. TeenSafe phone tracker allows to pinpoint the phone’s location and, thus, the child’s real-time whereabouts. What if you need to know where the siblings are right now if they are not together?

Once mSpy teamed up with a YouTube celeb, a journalist, Coby Persin to show how easily kids get into communication with strangers and lured to meet in person. He created a fake profile of a cute teen guy and befriended 3 teens on Snapchat (obviously, with a prior consent of their parents). Things turned out they all fell for his tricks. All of them agreed to meet in person and actually came to a meeting. What would parents do if they could have monitored all this communication beforehand?

To sum up, apps like TeenSafe offer so many benefits to parents.

9. What does TeenSafe cost?

What is the TeenSafe cost comparing to the child’s safety, sanity, and mental health? After the 7-day free trial, TeenSafe pricing is $14.95/month. You can cancel TeenSafe whenever you want.   

The price policy is not flexible which is quite understandable due to the fact that it has a limited number of features. There are no too many options.

Otherwise, the mSpy app has a flexible system of prices. It has multiple packages and subscriptions. So it’s possible to find the most convenient option for every particular family.

The cost is quite reasonable for such a “bouquet” of monitoring features. Let’s compare it with other parental controls.

For example, Norton starts with $49.99 per year and meanwhile positioning as a full-packed filtering app and location tracking software. PhoneSgeriff comes with a little bit expensive price which is $89. The latter is TeenSafe alternative on Android and is good particularly at monitoring text messages.

There’s also an antivirus ESET with a parental control for Android. It offers $30 per year allowing parents to control an unlimited number of devices.

10. What is TeenSafe Desktop?

Many parents have had periodic iCloud account lockouts. It works in the following way: it takes the home’s local network to download the child’s Apple iCloud backup data to the customer’s PC and upload it to TeenSafe’s servers. The Desktop was created to decrease the number of lockouts.

The TeenSafe Desktop software operates in the background on the customer’s Mac or Windows computer. It starts working anytime when a customer logs into TeenSafe account and clicks “Get Latest Data”.

Also, to use the app, it’s necessary to meet some requirements, such as OS, Netbook and Chromebook ones, compatible browsers.

Here’s how to set up TeenSafe Desktop:

When you’re ready to use the Desktop, you need to contact the support team. You’ll need to download new iCloud data from the child’s device. When the account is set up, in “My Account” there will be the link to download and install the app.  

As it was previously stated, TeenSafe Desktop works in the background on the customer’s home computer. A customer will get access to the kid’s data on the app’s official site. It’s also possible to start a download of data distantly if the home computer is switched on and connected to the Internet.


TeenSafe vs mSpy is not an equal competition because mSpy provides a full pack of monitoring options, especially when it comes down to iMessages.

mSpy was founded in the first decade of 2000. It was designed to help parents in their every day routine to deal with kid’s introduction to the digital world. Since then, it’s been working on raising awareness about online risks. But first of all, it provides monitoring solutions to prevent them.

mSpy was designed to be the number 1 solution in monitoring. mSpy is the result of more than 5 years of in-depth expertise and practical experience in security issues.

It is a global leader among giants. mSpy is a reputable player and a global leader in the market of mobile and PC monitoring. Our single-minded team of experts develops high-quality products which meet the needs of a large audience, especially parents. Being present in more than 200 countries, it is well recognized for its contributionto children’s online protection, which is the priority of the UNICEF strategy.

The mSpy app provides innovative technologies. Exploring technology in the context of monitoring and online safety, we’re constantly working on finding the relevant solutions and implementing them for the benefit of our customers.

mSpy leads a great enlightening work among parents. The team is convinced that in order to anticipate online risks, parents should know about them beforehand. This is why monitoring is key. It delivers all online activity to parents. So here’s how mSpy can help:

  • Show the whole Internet use: the app monitors sites, social media, bookmarks, surfing history.
  • Manage apps’ usage: it’s not a secret that there are so many harmful apps that lead to the web. Yellow, Omegle are like dating sites that allow people, including kids random hook-ups.
  • Supervise messaging app: this is the whole magic of mSpy. It monitors Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, Telegram, etc. If any relationship seems toxic for you, you can ban it on the child’s device.
  • A cherry on a pie for overprotective parents is a keylogger feature. Parents set up specific words and track them on the child’s device.
  • GPS location tracking and geofences aka no-go areas: these features track the kid’s location and limit their movements if necessary by setting places which are not allowed to breach.
  • View call logs and text messages: calls and texts are also the way for somebody to bully. So viewing them might be helpful as well. Parents can find even the deleted ones.

The mSpy developers say that mSpy is not a cure. It is rather one of the solutions. However, the primary one is communication and trust among parents and kids.

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