The Danger of Multitasking – Texting While Driving

We humans got used to thinking we can easily juggle two-four challenges simultaneously. We live in the age of multitasking, and the cutting edge technology significantly adds to this tendency. However, it’s vital to know that multitasking can be successful only if it involves two different stimuli, like visual and auditory. Two visual stimuli at once– NO!!! That’s probably why texting while driving causes so much crashes.

Millions of sms messages are sent by cell phone users while they are at the wheel, and a lot of them are teenagers who are even at a higher risk of crashes because they tend to think they are invincible. Deep down, most teenagers think nothing bad can happen to them, but they can go from a normal situation to heading into another cars or bumping into a tree within a second or two, far less than it takes to type ‘LOL’ on a text message.

Texting & Driving Statistics

According to the survey carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • Distractions while driving account for about 80% of all crashes
  • Distractions while driving account for about 65% of all near crashes

According to the Pew Research Center:

  • 4 out of 10 American teenagers are texting while behind the wheel
  • about 50% of all teens (12 to 17) have been passengers in the car with a driver who has texted while behind the wheel

More Scary Findings

At this point, nobody can argue the fact that texting and driving is dangerous. But the recent study by Cohen Children’s Medical Center has shown that teen texting and driving accounts for over 3,000 fatal accidents while teen drunk driving accounts for 2,700 fatalities.

The study has also revealed that laws against texting and driving doesn’t prevent teens from doing it — 57% of teens in states where it’s forbidden admit texting while driving compared to a 59% who admitted doing so in states where it’s permitted.


texing_1344025885_600x275It is our job as parents to prevent our teens from carelessly throwing caution to the wind by texting while driving. We should do our best to set a good example for our driving teens of what driver’s behavior should be viewed as acceptable and making them realize that texting while driving isn’t something they should be doing. Good driving behavior should be reinforced at all costs.

We should talk to them about teen car crashes and how to avoid them, about the need of wearing a seat belt, and about the hazards of driving while using a smartphone.

If you feel that your teen doesn’t always follow your advises, you can install the mobile tracking software like mSpy onto their smartphone and stay informed about their driving habits. (Find out what professionals think about mSpy after reviewing it at ) Simply check their GPS location, and if you find out that they are driving, check for any text messages sent from their smartphone. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – you just need to make sure your teen is safe at all times.

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