The Darker Side of Freedom of Expression Online

In June of last year, the Human Rights Council of the UN passed a new law covering freedom of expression on the Internet. The Internet has become a huge part of our daily lives and this new legislation has recognized the need to both protect and encourage users to enjoy free expression over this ever increasing means of communication.
One of the main benefits that has come with the Internet is that it has provided those who are studying or working away from home with a way to connect with their friends and family. This has helped many people to maintain strong family relationships and feel less homesick! There has also been an increased opportunity for individuals living in a country with restrictions on free speech to record and capture historic moments. The Internet has been able to assist in bringing about positive change for many people and has also been instrumental in raising awareness and support for many issues both on a local and global scale.

The Internet has also opened up many opportunities for earning an income and has given us some of the most familiar business empires including the likes of Amazon, Dell and eBay. For many the Internet has provided a way to find a healthy balance between work and home life and with its increasing availability it has become an increasingly valuable communication tool – in fact for some it is a more important method of communications for ‘real life’ or offline communications.

Love it or hate it there are few who can deny that the Internet is a good thing, although it does have its downsides! Children today are fully invested in having a digital life and ca be found multitasking – even when they shouldn’t be. The Internet is great for helping with homework, but all too often kids are viewing videos to YouTube, chatting on Facebook or surfing the Internet when they should be studying! This makes them much less productive! When our kids are between the ages of 4 and 15, their minds are not built to cope with multitasking the way an adult is able to. This is why it is always best for young people to have periods of time where they are disconnected from the internet so that they do not develop a dependence on the internet and can develop much longer attention spans.

One of the important things for parents is the app, which maintains parental control over how their children are using the Internet. There is a darker side to the world wide web which includes gambling, pornography and other inappropriate material that we would not like children exposed to. As parents we have a duty of care to our offspring and part of that is making sure that they are using the internet safely and appropriately. This can mean knowing what sort of websites they are accessing and who they are communicating with on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with the help of mobile phone monitoring software such as mSpy which can be installed on any smartphone or mobile device and allows parents to monitor all forms of Internet activity and mobile phone use.

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