The effects of adult content materials on your kid

Jeremy Brighton
The effects of adult content materials on your kid

Lucy a 15-year-old Australian who was part of 600 young Australian women and girls who took part in a survey commissioned by Plan Australia and Our Watch said in her interview, ‘I want better education regarding sex for boys and girls and information about adult content movies and the way it influences harmful sexual practices.

Ipos conducted a survey to gather responses from young women aged 15-19 years. The title of the survey was “Don’t send me that pic”. More than 80% of them said it was inappropriate and unacceptable for boyfriends to request naked images.

Many young girls are now speaking out more about practices that are affecting them which have links to adult material readily available on the Internet. Harassments and sexual bullying are now a norm in the lives of many girls in this digital age.

Accordingly, boys are being molded and conditioned in their attitudes and sexual behaviors due to the adult movies they are addicted to. On the other hand, girls are being left bare on how to deal with these boys. It is time to listen to young women and girls tell us how they are pressured.  Forced to do acts that are influenced by adult literature boys consume regularly.

Young women and girls describe how they are being ranked at school based on their body shape and most at the time are compared to adult movie stars. Obviously, they cannot compete but most girls go to the extent of going for genital surgeries. And the procedure has tripled over the last decade.

Sadly boys and unfortunately other girls sexually bully girls who do not go through lewd-inspired waxing and consider them as ugly.

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The harm of Adult contents on your boy-child

A review of a research on “The Impact of Internet Pornography on Adolescents” in 2012 found out some interesting results. It stated that adolescents who are intentionally exposed to violent sexual materials were 6 times more likely to be sexually aggressive.

The authors also found out that consumption of these sexual explicit arts in adolescence was linked to attitudinal changes. Acceptance of male dominance and female submissions as a primary sexual paradigm. Where girls or women are viewed as playthings to fulfill sexual desires of the male gender.

These movies show a world of only immediate sexual gratification, making relationship mean nothing. The adolescent boy who is an addict sees no reason to have relationships. The adult movies they watch wires their brains on the bodies they see. Thus, they become ashamed of themselves when their bodies do not match up to the ones they see,

Prolong viewing of adult materials makes these boys ‘graduate’ to more violent forms of x-rated materials like fetish, bestially, Necrophilia, and other forms.


Porn hurts! This is a synopsis of what these young girls are going through and saying. Thus, how do parents help out? The Internet is full of adult contents which are not regulated. These young boys ignore the age limits on these sites. The Internet is a massive resource for any growing child. Yet, it comes with its dangers like exposure to obscene materials. Prolong exposure could lead to deviant forms of behaviors. From demeaning the opposite gender to a weird forms love, relationship and sexual understandings.

Just as these girls and many others have expressed their concerns about how they should act around x-rated movie addicted boys. Parents need to get involve. But how can they when the Internet is flooded with these obscene materials? The use of a porn app blocker is the solution – mSpy

mSpy parental control app has the browser blocking feature that allows parents to block adult content websites on their children devices. Additionally, it has the keyword search. This alert enables parents to restrict some specific searches and be notified if any of these words are typed.

Most of these adult contents are shared via chat rooms and social media messages apps. mSpy parental control app monitors all the top social messaging apps chats, photos and videos.  You get access to every inappropriate adult link sent to your kid. By knowing this, it helps you become aware of what goes on in your teen’s online life. This enables you to become a better parent by making wise decisions.

mSpy sole aim is to help parents get to know their kids better online and offline. Help protect their kids from all the dangers the Internet brings. The advice to parents on this issue is simple. For instance, if they disorder that their kids are exposed to inappropriate adult contents. Parents should simply talk to their kids about it.

mSpy – Know.Prevent.Protect.

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Jeremy Brighton was born and raised abroad in the family of a military, and travelled a lot all over the world. He possesses extensive experience in translating/writing for international journals and newspapers. He is a dedicated and altruistic community worker, with degrees in both Economics and Computer Engineering.

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