The Lesser Known Features of iOS 8

Apple has long since been known as the company that gave smartphones the popularity they have today. With the innovations brought forth with the iPhone, Apple made itself the pioneer of smartphone technology.
With the arrival of Android though, things started to waver for Apple. Google’s operating system provided its users with more option to customize their devices to their needs, with access to almost every setting a smartphone could have. Apple has been trying to improve on certain things since then, and with each update it brings something more for the users.
The latest release by Apple is iOS 8, with a plethora of new features like better photo editing and a keyboard with predictive text input. But there are some other features that might get shadowed behind these obvious improvements, and some of these features might just give rest to the notion that Apple controls its operating system too much.

Manual Exposure Control

The iPhone has always been known to have better than average photographic capabilities but some people have always wanted to have a degree of manual control over how their images turn out. iOS 8 provides them with the ability to set the exposure of their camera manually, to brighten or darken the photo as they see fit.
Identify Battery Hogging Applications
Android shows the percentage of battery that is consumed by certain apps, something that Apple users always envied. With the latest update, they can finally see which of their apps are consuming the most battery, based on the data collected over a day or a week. This can help them restrict or uninstall certain apps which they find unhealthy for their battery.

Spotlight Goes Deeper

Apple’s Spotlight has mostly been seen as a nuisance rather than a useful feature. But iOS 8 revamps it to a whole new level by providing information from Wikipedia and other websites as well as digging deep into your messages and email history to find out what you want it to. It even provides you with local movie times and iTunes content.

Replace Mobile Websites with Desktop Versions

Another feature that has been available on Android for a long time now is the ability to request the desktop version of a website instead of the mobile one. Mobile versions of some websites can be very unfriendly to use, so this option is very nice to have in Apple’s native browser.

Siri Mimics Google Now, But Only Partially

While Siri has been with Apple longer than Google Now has been with Google, the fact that you could initiate Google Now just by speaking ‘OK Google’ was something Siri didn’t have, until now. In iOS 8, saying ‘Hey Siri’ will bring up Siri but only as long as your phone is plugged in.

Arrange the Share Menu to your Preference

This is one of those features which will make Apple users happier in the personalization department. Now you can finally choose which services you want to be shows first when you want to share something. So Apple’s Mail doesn’t have to come in the way of your experience is you are more inclined towards sharing on Facebook.
These are only some of the features that iOS 8 has brought with it. There are many more improvements in Apple’s OS, be them big like the keyboard or small like the ability to see all media sent and received with a contact on a single page, which are sure to make the overall experience much better than ever.

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