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The list of acronyms parents should keep an eye out for

The list of acronyms parents should keep an eye out for

When it comes to texting, quite often it seems that parents and teens don’t speak the same language. If you take a peek at your kid`s online conversations, you’ll notice them filled with different acronyms that make no sense for you.

What the acronym is?

Acronym is an abbreviation, that consists of the initial letters of the other words and pronounces as a single word.

They are extremely popular on the Internet, especially on the social media platforms, because they offer a shorthand for instant communication. The majority of teens believe that parents try to keep close tabs on them online, so they use acronyms to hide risky parts of their conversations.

Without doubts, some acronyms are harmless, like IMHO (in my humble opinion), ASAP (as soon as possible) or YMMD (you made my day). But there are a lot them that are very direct and shocking. Below you can see the list of acronyms every parent should be aware of. In case you found any of these acronyms on your kid’s phone, it is high time to raise a red flag.

The list of acronyms every parent should know

Acronyms about parents:

  • CD9: Parents around/Code 9
  • KPC: Keeping parents clueless
  • POS: Parent over shoulder
  • 9: Parent watching
  • 99: Parent gone
  • PIR: Parent in room
  • TWD: Texting while driving

Acronyms about drugs and alcohol:

  • GNOC: Get naked on camera
  • 420: Marijuana
  • Broken: Hangover from alcohol
  • CID: Acid (drug)
  • DOC: Drug of choice

Acronyms intimacy and relations:

  • LMIRL: Let’s meet in real life
  • WYRN: What’s Your Real Name?
  • ASL: Age/Sex/Location
  • NIFOC: Naked in front of computer
  • 1174: Party meeting place
  • SUGARPIC: Suggestive or erotic photo
  • IWSN: I want sex now
  • THOT: That hoe over there
  • KOTL: Kiss on the lips
  • PRON: Porn
  • CU46: See you for sex
  • 53X: Sex
  • TDTM: Talk dirty to me 8: Oral sex
  • IPN: I’m posting naked
  • LH6: Let’s have sex
  • GYPO: Get your pants off
  • WTTP: Want to trade pictures?

What parents should do?

Firstly, to protect teens from online dangers, parents need to keep up a conversation about their online lives. Kids should understand the boundaries and repercussions of appropriate online behavior, not to have problems in a real world. Besides, they should be aware that explicit pictures and videos may be used for cyberbullying, blackmail and can end up in the hands of online predators.
Secondly, parents need to monitor their kid`s devices with parental control apps like mSpy. Apart from viewing texts and instant messenger conversations (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.), parents can use Keyword alerts feature.

With mSpy Keywords parents will be able to:

With mSpy Keywords parents will be able to

  • Find out if your kid is searching for inappropriate content online (drugs, alcohol, sex etc);
  • Set dangerous keywords (for example, acronyms: GYPO,IPN, LH6);
  • Get immediate notifications on the specified keywords;
  • See all the content that has dangerous keywords;
  • Get an access to your kid`s keywords at any convenient time from their Control Panel.

Why mSpy keyword feature is useful

There are some words and abbreviations that may be dangerous for your teen, for example, NIFOC (Naked in front of computer). With mSpy keyword alerts, you can choose all dangerous words and abbreviations and get notifications when your kid receives or searches for them.

If kids want to hide something from their parents, they will always find ways to do it. That’s why it is important not only to educate your kid what is appropriate and what is not but also monitor their online activities. Supervising your kid`s keywords you can protect them from communication with online predators, cyberbullies, and other dangerous things online.

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