The Risks Associated with Photo Sharing Apps

In the past few years, apps that allow photos to be shared have grown in popularity, and this increase in popularity is down to the rise of the smart phone. However, it is not just photos that can be shared via these apps, videos are now shareable thanks to apps such as Snapchat, Vine and Instagram, amongst others.

To give you some idea of how quickly the trend of sharing videos has grown, the Vine app only came into existence at the start of 2013, yet it has fast become the number 1 app in the Apple App Store, due in no small part to the fact that it is free to use. To counter this, the people behind Instagram released an update that turned this photo only sharing app into one that could allow users to send video clips too.

It is the rise of these photo and video sharing apps that have raised concerns amongst some people due to their continued popularity amongst young teens and children. While these apps allow teens to express themselves and share their pictures, there is always a concern that they could be taken advantage of by sexual predators and internet trolls. These predators tend to pose as teens themselves, and once befriended they will often make their move, whether it is asking for risqué photos and videos, or trying to arrange a meeting.

Children need to be taught of the dangers of allowing strangers access to their most intimate pictures and videos, and that once out in the open, those files can do a lot of damage to their reputation. Once posted onto sharing sites such as Vine, these pictures could be around for a long time, sure they can be deleted; however, if the images and videos have been saved by someone, then they could resurface at any time.

One way that concerned parents can find out just what their children are sharing on photo sharing sites, is to download some cell phone spying software, such as mSpy. This is a program that once downloaded to the target phone will allow the parents access to all the data on the phone. It can also be programmed to block certain websites and apps from being accessed and downloaded.

Once a smart phone spy app such as mSpy has been installed on to the target phone, the concerned parents can then log in to their online account and get instant access to all of the data that has been sent or received by the target phone. In order to block access to certain websites and apps, it is simply a matter of using the filtering options on the control panel, and there is the added benefit of actually being able to block the phone, should there be a serious problem with the child’s phone use.

So, as you can see, there are a number of benefits to parents when they install a phone spying app onto their child’s smart phone, and this kind of software can help your children to stay safe online.

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