The Smartphone Messaging Phenomena: WhatsApp, Twitter

Even exactly a year ago, the most popular app to use for message exchanges and sharing was Twitter, globally. Surprisingly enough, the social network and communication giant has a newbie in the business breathing over its shoulder.

What is that app? Yes, it is WhatsApp!

With about 20 billion messages exchanged every day, it is certainly one massive app to look out for. This alternative platform is popular among most smart phone users for its fast and easy performance of exchanging the messages; using Internet at almost free of cost.

The WhatsApps Craze: The Pros and Cons

WhatsApp is pretty much what the other social networking and messaging software have to offer, only with newer and advanced touches. For smart phones, a newly “happening” app is easy to get focused on, since the app stores features such ones. The social sharing, like photos, videos and practically unlimited messaging are made a lot easier by WhatsApp. Plus, all those exciting plug-ins, available in both free and paid versions, enhance the functionalities of the basic, umbrella app. So, it is certainly more engaging and trendy app to have and use, for most smart phones users, allowing them even to be glued with it. When an app becomes that addictive to many users, there comes trouble!

The Productivity on Stakes

In today’s world, where most phones are smart phones and most works can be done with those, even workspaces and offices have gone virtual and mobile. Since many offices and companies provide their employees with company cell phones to keep them on track with on-going projects, of which they are responsible of paying all the costs. Sadly enough, most employees, out of such addiction to certain apps, may cause in draining the productivity of any companies. To have it checked if phones intended for business purposes only are not being used to get glued to WhatsApp or any such thing, the cell phone monitoring software, like mSpy can be used.

Keeping Things on Track with mSpy

mSpy is one of the most used mobile phone monitoring and tracking software, which helps with watching over the connectivity through WhatsApp as well! Well, that is pretty advanced in itself. Whether it is the employers in need of checking the productivity and performance of their employees or simply the parents needing to know what their children are doing online with their phones, it works fine for all.

Along with all the features that mSpy offers:

Since many companies also use WhatsApp for business chats as well, the phone tracking app can help the employers to check if any unauthorized or confidential messages were exchanged with anybody or not, or if any data was deleted or changed, as well. On the other hand, parents can know what their children are sharing and with who they are having most chats and contacts with. If they find anything objectionable and problematic there, they can take measures before it is too late! For both employers and parents, mSpy can come real handy when to keep things on track, whether it is business or children we are talking about.

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