The Unveiling of the New BlackBerry Q20 Smartphone

BlackBerry has a lot planned for new customers in 2014. Among the new devices eager customers can check out in the coming year is the new BlackBerry Q20 smartphone. Devoted Blackberry customers globally will find this device has a familiar feel to it as well as offering the classic QWERTY experience.


The goal with the design of the new BlackBerry Q20 is to incorporate the features that loyal BlackBerry customers have come to expect and depend on from the brands devices. Some of the features incorporated into this new device’s design include the Integrated Tackpad, the ‘Menu’, ‘Back’, ‘Send’ and ‘End’ Buttons. With the inclusion of these features, devoted BlackBerry customers will get a device that is quick, easy to navigate, and offers one-handed use.


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Before delving into the features included in the new BlackBerry Q20, read the following quote from a recent press release by Executive Chairman and CEO of Blackberry, John Chen:


“In my first 90 days on the job, I consistently heard from our ardent BlackBerry customers that the hard buttons and trackpad are an essential part of the BlackBerry QWERTY experience that made their BlackBerry smartphone their go-to productivity tool. I want these customers to know that we heard them, and this new smartphone will be for them. Today, we’re delighted to announce the new BlackBerry Q20 smartphone which is designed to give you the distinct experience that every BlackBerry QWERTY loyalist and high-productivity business customer absolutely loves. With the BlackBerry Q20 smartphone, you’ll get the familiar hard buttons and trackpad that you want, along with the best email service, the best keyboard experience and the best battery life possible.”


Features of BlackBerry Q20:

–          The trackpad, ‘Menu’, ‘Back’, ‘Send’, and ‘End’ buttons are essential parts to the smartphone and user interface, allowing for quick and precise navigation within and between different applications.

–          The patented BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard with sculpted keys providing the best typing experience for users.

–          Dependable email service which includes BlackBerry Hub and BES10’s enterprise connectivity.

–          The inclusion of a generous 3.5” touchscreen providing ample display space for viewing messages, browsing the World Wide Web, and accessing additional applications, this display size is the largest for any QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone.

–          Only the highest quality materials will be used to create a device that is durable and reliable.

–          A larger battery providing exceptional battery life.


In addition to the above features, BlackBerry 10, with its latest enhancements will be included in the BlackBerry Q20. The inclusion of BlackBerry 10 will provide for mobile productivity that is secure as well as reliable communications. Be on the lookout for further information, pricing, and the availability with the launching of the BlackBerry Q20.


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