The Worst iOS And Android Apps

The Worst iOS And Android Apps

 Mobile industry is one of the leading business niches in the world these days. However, not all the mobile applications developed for smartphones turn out to be profitable and popular within the cell phone users. The best cell phone tracker has prepared a list of unsuccessful apps. 

Follow up for the worst apps for Android and iOS.

Surely, mobile applications’ creators never have an intention to make the app bad or non-profitable or even worse – boring. Nevertheless, somehow smartphone users do not accept the product and even start hating it. How come? Everything is simple – among the great variety of iOS and Android apps there are always rocking apps and, at the same time, ‘castaway’ apps – the latter being absolutely unnecessary and badly-designed/developed applications that only evoke aversion. Warning taken? Then go ahead and check for the most hated Android and iOS apps ever (Click on the screenshot of the app to read more about the application)

  1. Worst Celebrity App: Steven Tyler AppSoLewdly

It seems that this application unites the worst song of the human era. If you are tired of good music, this mobile application is definitely for you.

2. Worst Educational App: Sexy Girl Talk–Sexy Alphabet Deluxe 

 The developers of this ‘wonderful’ app ensure that knowledge is better absorbed by the human’s brain if any information is pronounced with “clear and sensual voice of a lecturer”, clearly and sensitively. In fact, phone sex. I wonder who would let their kids learn letters that way? Or was it designed for retarded adults who still do not know the alphabet but have a twisted mind? 

3.       Worst Entertainment App: Pet Baby

 Babies’ (or pets’) degradation marks the main idea of the app. Animal-baby hybrid photos seem to be a real fun for the creators. Just wondering what lunatic asylum they are from.


 4.       Worst Mobile Game: KG Dogfighting

 Like glorifying animal cruelty? Easily – try KG Dogfighting today.  What you need to do is feed, raise and coach canines so that they could kill each other to death in the battle. Nice, right?

5.      Worst Social Networking App: iPoo

 Everybody’s bathroom details revealed in the iPoo app. Poo stream lets you get connected will all people who also like ‘pooing’. What is this smell about?  Who pooped in the bed?

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