The Worst Smartphones 2012

If you find yourself in the midst of the stressful process of selecting a new smartphone for yourself or for your loved ones, you need to be well informed about the smartphones you’d better avoid. We strongly recommend you to narrow your focus on really good products by writing off the manufactures of shoddy gear, otherwise you might be tempted to buy a classy-looking device and then find out it was just a waste of money.

Making up a list of the worst mobile brands can help us find out what makes the top brands so invincible, which improvements the laggards should make to succeed and why only a couple of smartphone manufactures get so much praise and positive publicity from tech buyers and reviewers alike.

It would be a huge mistake to buy the subpar cell phones these companies are peddling. Until they make considerable improvements, you should view these mobile devices as unwelcome items.

Here’s our list of The Worst Smartphone Brands In the USA 2012. Let’s wish these manufacturers a much sweeter New Year. Our list will include only those smartphone manufacturers that can’t boast a truly flagship device.


  • Apple – due to the iPhone.
  • Samsung – due to the Galaxy S III.
  • HTC – due to the HTC One X.
  • Motorola – due to the DROID RAZR MAXX.
  • Nokia – due to the Lumia 920.
  • Sony – due to the Xperia.

LG: Well, LG’ latest model Optimus G, recently launched in Korea this week, seems to be much better. However, up to now LG has been producing absolutely unremarkable Android phones that could be distinguished only by their names, which reminded specialty condoms (“Prada”; “Lucid”). Let’s hope Optimus G won’t let LG appear on this list next year.

CASIO: Yes, Casio produces smartphones either, but to be honest it should better stick to calculators. It has just one smartphone – the G’zOne Commando® – which doesn’t bear resemblance to a modern smartphone. It is advertized as extremely durable and invincible phone that is perfect for people with high-impact jobs. However, its battery life is really good.

PANTECHThis brand also deserves your derision, and not just because of its name. The phones it produces look like pedestrian items peddled in the hopes that someone will accidentally purchase one. The Pantech Burst, its best model, still leaves much to be desired when compared to other Android phones like Samsung and HTC.

KYOCERA: Most smartphones produced by this company are flip phones and they fall short of other Android phones. However, you can try out the egg-timer-looking Kyocera Milano, which is free on contract, but it has only 2GB of memory.

RIM: Although it might be painful, we have to admit that for now RIM’s smartphones are terribly outdated almost in every aspect. Thankfully, this company is intensively trying to reinvent itself and make a brand-new BlackBerry with a totally redesigned OS.

Now you are well-equipped for Christmas shop and know which smartphones manufactures have produced the worst smartphones in 2012. Stay away from mediocre phones these manufacturers are peddling and choose among the brands that have proved to be the leaders on the market. If you are going to buy a smartphone for your kids, don’t forget to think about their safety and install some sort of a cell phone tracker on their smartphone. Such children monitoring software would help you ensure your kids are safe and even if they get into a difficult situation, you’ll be able to take timely steps to guarantee a positive outcome.

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