Zooming out

Resources of the planet are everything we have; we must take care of them properly in order not to face an apocalyptic future. That’s a challenge big enough for the world community.

Every day we have more newcomers born into this world, use more water, consume more energy, and spend more on this globe. Solving those problems is the perfect driving need for the internet of things. “It will be tens of billions of sensors, billions of wireless networks, and tens of millions of cloud apps,” ARM director Gary Atkinson said at Wavefront’s Wireless Summit in Vancouver. “We need to be able to gather more data to make more granular decisions and be smarter about how we consume resources.” How the internet of things can help is by making everything smarter: resources consuming, mass production, health care, etc. Thus, we all have to think big in order to continue our existence on this planet. All of us have to meet this challenge, both in our private lifestyle and in business.

Zooming in

In order to continue existence in the global market, some companies are required to think big as well. Today, we’ll view the case of Facebook. At the point of its 10th anniversary, some experts consider Facebook be able to think big enough to take over mobile market.

Facebook’s recent move to enable Facebook ads in third party mobile apps has created a lot of excitement among mobile developers, but even more concern among mobile advertisers afraid of confronting such a mighty entity as Facebook. But there is one point they all seem to miss.

Ultimately, most of them will benefit from Facebook’s entrance. If successful, Facebook’s mobile ad platform will herald the end of television as our central advertising platform, while transforming how we largely consume content for years to come. The overall mobile advertising market will grow, and we should see it push broader trends. The simple presence of Facebook in the mobile space will increase the overall market, due to the fact that mobile games and mobile apps generate high session rates, compared to other media content.

For instance, such mobile tracking/monitoring apps like mSpy can benefit from being widely introduced to the consumers that hadn’t heard about them before, but actually might need them: businessmen and parents who must protect and secure their families or businesses.

Facebook has the potential to drive a broader shift toward mobile. Video ads on mobile show the best results; and in the long run, there is more revenue in video than display. Though it’s still unclear what Facebook plans to do with video ads within its mobile platform, one thing is definite – our future will be changed once and for all, and for the better, hopefully.

At this stage of its development, payments, local and search are the three fields in which Facebook tries to win the first prize. “Move fast and break things” is Facebook’s motto. Sometimes, the right approach is “go big or go home.” To win in the abovementioned spheres, you have to have commitment.

Unfortunately, all the steps undertaken there by Facebook are small and non-persuasive so far; it seems Facebook is an 80-year-old service. Google is an older company than Facebook, but it feels younger in the way it acts. It takes bigger risks. If you face such industry monsters like American Express, PayPal and Google, you have to use every opportunity to grow fast and big, like a young organism craving for survival in the competition for life. It’s advisable for Facebook to enter new spaces, even totally unknown ones, which are higher, further, and more complicated. To create a meaningful difference in people’s everyday lives is to think big, to think challenges.

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