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Tide pod challenge: how to protect your child from the Internet pranks?

Tide pod challenge: how to protect your child from the Internet pranks

Different challenges take the social media platforms by storm. First it was the Ice Bucket Challenge, aimed to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to its research. Then there were the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, Water Bottle Flip Challenge and now the most dangerous one -Tide Pod Challenge.

What the Tide Pod Challenge is?

The Tide Pod Challenge, a weird Internet trend, is gaining popularity among teens on the social media platforms. It involves the consumption of the laundry detergent capsules, often compared to delicious fruity candy due to their appearance and packaging. Some teens put the Tide Pod capsules into a frying pan and cook them before the consumption.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), 86 cases of the intentional laundry detergent capsules misuse were reported among teens, in January 2018.

Why the Tide Pod Challenge is dangerous?

The laundry pods intake is extremely dangerous for human health due to the significant amount of chemicals such as bleach or softener. It can lead to nausea, vomiting, pulmonary edema, seizure, respiratory arrest and even death.

What happens when a teen eats it?

Firstly, the Tide Pod capsule explodes in their mouth, making a lot of irritation and coughing. The Tide Pod intake can cause a lot of harm to a teen:

  • If a teen swallows the liquid detergent from the capsule it can lead to stomach and esophagus burns;
  • If a teen inhales the detergent while swallowing it can lead to respiratory distress.

What to do if your kid has ingested the laundry pod?

The Tide capsules have a highly concentrated detergent, which is aimed to clean clothes. They should be used only for this purpose and in no way to be played with. But if a terrible thing happened and your teen has been exposed to or ingested the laundry pod, follow these tips:

  • In case of skin or clothing contact with laundry products, you need to remove contaminated clothes or substance and wash skin well with water.
  • In case the laundry products get in the eyes, you need to wash them immediately with plenty of water and call a doctor if it is needed.
  • In case a laundry pod is swallowed, give your child a glass of water or milk and dial the number of the Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222). In no case induce vomiting.

How parents can prevent your kids from silly actions?

1. Have a conversation

Talking to your child about doing the Tide Pod Challenge is a good idea. You need to explain what consequences eating chemicals may have and what health problems it may cause. The most important thing is to send a message to your child that even if something is popular on the social media, it doesn`t mean they need to go doing it. It may be dangerous, devastating, poisonous or even have a death threat.

2. Follow your kid on the social media

Following your teen`s social media accounts will help you to keep the communication lines open and to understand your kid much better. You will be able to have a clue about your kid`s interests and preferences, viewing the posts they comment and share. But don`t forget that some teens may hide things on their page from prying eyes of their parents simply blocking them.

3. Monitor your kid`s devices

Modern world not only has dangers, but benefits as well. One of the main benefits is an ability to monitor a kid`s device remotely without taking it away. All you need is to install parental control like mSpy. Using mSpy you will be able to track your kid`s social media platforms (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp) and monitor their internet activity (bookmarks, browsing history) and other things.

Your kid`s safety is not a laughing matter. Following laundry safety tips and knowing what to do in case of exposure you can protect your child and make your home as safe as possible.

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