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Timmothy Pitzen Kidnapping – Missing Illinois Boy Appears After 8 Years

Timmothy Pitzen Kidnapping – Missing Illinois Boy Appears After 8 Years

On Wednesday, April 3, a suspicious teen was spotted in a Newport, Kentucky. The residents who saw him first claimed that the boy looked bruised and scared, what made them think he was hurt, so they called the police. After the officers arrived, the boy told them he escaped from two men and ran across the bridge from Ohio into Kentucky. He claimed them he was Timmothy Pitzen, the boy who disappeared eight years ago.
Timmothy’s father, Jim Pitzen, was thrilled to hear about the appearance of his long-missing son. The boy’s aunt also felt overwhelmed by the news. So, will the infamous kidnapping case be closed now? Continue reading to find out more details.

Left School And Completely Vanished

asd Timmothy Pitzen, 6 years old

On May 11, 2011, Timmothy’s mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen picked her son up from school in Aurora, Illinois and took him on the two-days’ road trip. The mother and the son spent time driving through multiple places, while they were reported missing by the father of the boy, Jim Pitzen.
The next day, Amy called several family members to assure them that both Timmothy and she were safe. But what was discovered the next day shocked whole Pitzen family. Having left the boy’s father and other relatives in despair, Amy Fry-Pitzen took her own life on May 13. She left the note that her son was safe staying with the people who would care for him.

Investigation And Findings


When Timmothy’s mother was found dead in Rockford Inn, Rockford the next day and police began an investigation. It was revealed that Timmothy’s mother suffered from depression and other mental issues. The Pitzen marriage had been on the rocks, which possibly contributed to Amy’s mental condition.
After the police inspected Timmothy’s mother’s car, some amount of boy’s blood was found on the upholstery. The findings brought investigators to certain conclusions. The police stated that there were a lot of cases when mothers killed their children before; even the mothers who were known as the most loving and protective ones. It is indeed difficult to understand and find explanations of the actions of someone who has mental illness.
Although, boy’s aunt claimed that Amy would never hurt her son. She is 200% sure that her nephew is alive and she believes that he is safe. Investigators also expressed a possibility that Timmothy’s mother arranged for someone to take care of her son.
Denise Crosby, a columnist at the Aurora Beacon-News, says she discussed the case with psychologists. What she revealed was that Timmothy’s mother mightn’t have intentions to kill her son. If she did, she would have taken the Timmothy’s life first and then hers so that they would be found in the same room at the same hotel.
What firstly seemed a piece of evidence, appeared to be a false lead. The blood found in Amy’s car, was the result of a nose bleed from Timmothy long before the fated road trip.
Although the police narrowed down the search of the boy to certain geography, nothing was found, and no traces of the boy missing were discovered. It seemed like Timmothy’s mother had planned everything very thoroughly.
Having committed such a terrible act, Amy Fry-Pitzen left her husband and sister traumatized and shocked. But no matter how devastated they have been feeling since the incident, the Timmothy’s relatives still hope for the boy’s return. Their expectations were raised even higher when the boy found in Kentucky claimed he was their missing Timmothy. But was he?

Is The Found Boy The Real Timmothy?

The Timmothy Pitzen’s case became the talk of the town again when the suspicious teen appeared in Kentucky. Police didn’t confirm the identity of the boy so as not to give Pitzen family the false hope. But the strange appearance was the ray of hope for Timmothy’s relatives.
The next day DNA results showed that the teen found wasn’t Timmothy Pitzen. It was the ex-con Brian Rini, who heard about Timmothy’s abduction case from the television.

– Angela Ingram, broadcast journalist’s tweet about found man who pretended to be Timmothy
The heartbreaking results didn’t ruin the boy’s father’s confidence: Jim Pitzen still believes that his boy is somewhere there. But he says that the longer his son is missing, the less time he is going to have with Timmothy. ‘You can’t make up for the lost time’ explains Jim.

What All Parents Can Learn From Timmothy’s Case?

The Timmothy Pitzen’s abduction case is only one of the many. Approximately 1435 children are kidnapped every year in the US, and 86% of all abducted kids are taken by their own parents.
What parents can learn from Timmothy’s case and the stats above is that you can’t be 100% sure that your child won’t be missing one day. No matter how steady the relationship in your family is, you should ensure your kid is safe when you aren’t around.
Know your child’s friends, discover what places they visit and install the location tracking app on their mobile phone. By keeping track of your kid’s whereabouts, you will always be able to find and help them in case of emergency.

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