Tips For Helping Your Child Stay Safe With Their Smartphone

Basic cell phones, the ones which allow only calls and texts, are seen as old fashioned and out of date by most young adults and teens these days. Where once they would have been happy with a basic cell phone, they are now more likely to be clamouring for the latest new smart phone to hit the market.

Smart phones have certainly changed the way in which we view the humble cell phone, and they have been revolutionary in the way in which they allow us to communicate with each other. There are so many apps to use and download that it is easier than ever before to communicate with someone and keep it a secret. Unfortunately, this advancement in technology has left children more vulnerable than ever before to online criminals and predators. As a parent, you will want to keep your children safe when they are online, and online safety is something that is important to a lot of parents with teenage children who own a smart phone.

The ways to keep child safe online

One way in which you can help your child stay safe online, is to make sure that if they use a social networking site, that they keep their information private. Sites such as Facebook, allow the user to use their smart phone to “check-in” at various locations, this seems like a fun idea, and it is, however, if this information was in the public domain, then that person could be putting themselves at risk. It is important that you tell your child that they should try and avoid using this feature, or else ask them to keep their location information private, and restricted to close friends and family.

You may well be aware of the hazards that come with using a mobile phone whilst driving and the accidents and fatalities that it can cause. However, you may not be aware of the fact that using a cell phone whilst walking can be just as hazardous. There are daily reports of people and teenagers in particular, being injured or even killed, because they wandered into traffic whilst using their smart phone. Make sure that your child understands the dangers associated with using a cell phone whilst crossing the road, as well as reminding them about the perils of driving and using a cell phone, when they reach the age that allows them to drive.

If you are really concerned about the safety of your children when they are online, or you are not sure where they are or where they are going when they go out, you can monitor their cell phone usage by installing a cell phone spy program. This neat bit of software will allow you to see just what your child is using their phone for. Once installed onto the phone, you will be able to do such things as read text messages, call logs, apps used, websites visited as well as being able to track their location via the GPS signal that most smart phones give off.

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