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The 3W to secure your kids online

The 3W to secure your kids online

Only 1 in 10 victims of cyberbullying informs a parent or trusted adult of their abuse. Say NO to cyberbullying of any form, stalking, sexting, gossiping, flaming, denigration outing or trickery. Secure your kid’s online activities with mSpy. If there is a sudden change in your teen’s online activities, seems withdrawn or outraged without any […]

Geo-fencing prevents virtual kidnapping

Virtual kidnapping, forthcoming common crime of the 21st century, be prepared with mSpy.

The latest sensational virtual kidnapping took place in Leesburg, USA. Wendy Mueller was doing her household chores when her phone rang. She heard screaming at the background which sounded like her daughter’s – 23 years old Miss Mueller begging for help. Then, a calm and eloquent stranger’s voice told her “We have your daughter.” After […]

What it’s like to grow up in the age of technology?

With the advent of internet and technologies, our world has changed dramatically. What has become different? Let’s take a closer look at one 13-year-old girl’s world.  We didn’t have any mobile phones, and all home phones were reserved for adults…or we were allowed to use home phones for a limited time only. What an innocent time! To […]

Boys fall from cliff playing Pokémon Go

Boys fall from cliff playing Pokémon Go

While being a completely entertaining and intriguing game, it also can become a fatal game. Pokémon Go is a popular application, which perfectly mixes virtual and real worlds. This awesome free-to-play app gets users up and moving in the real world to capture fictional “pocket monsters”. The main aim here is to grab as many of the […]

Forbidding kids from being online won’t prevent web risks

Today kids are always online with their smart devices. Indeed, being online socializing via IMs, forums, portals is one of the things modern kids, especially teens, adore. But how can we prevent web risks? Will the total ban of internet usage prevent kids from cyber bullying, online pedophiles and other popular web risks? At first, […]