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A fake Tinder profile set up as a 13-year-old girl got sexual messages

An undercover Good Morning Britain producer, Athene Hunt, ran an investigation, which brought shocking results. She created a fake Tinder account, posing herself as a 13-year-old girl – Amy.  Athene Hunt run this profile for one week and was shocked because she mostly received sex messages. It total, Amy’s profile matched with 200 males and received messages from 122 […]

Tips For Parents Whose Kids Grow Up Digitalised

Tips For Parents Whose Kids Grow Up Digitalised

According to one of the Pediatrics‘ study, the majority of children starting from the age of 1!! (96.6%) regularly use mobile devices. Yes, you read this correctly – Age of ONE. Starting from the age 2, the majority of kids use a smart device on a day to day basis, spending, therefore, comparable screen time on […]

Gadgets and Apps Needed for Holiday

The holiday time is coming. Most of us have waited for it for a long period of time. Your thoughts are all about the coming holiday, right? To take full advantage of your holiday, make sure to take all the needed gadgets and apps.

How To Create a Healthy Family Media Diet: Tips and Recommendations

Parents balance their kids’ food, so why not balance their media then? Below you will find top tips on how to create a well-balanced media diet for your toddlers, preteens, and teens. With the advent of Internet and digital technologies, kids seem to grow with the device in their hands, don’t they? As a result, we, […]