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Top 10 Back-to-School Tips for Parents and Kids

Top 10 Back-to-School Tips for Parents and Kids

Getting back to school after summer vacation is both exciting and mind-blowing. As the red-letter day looms ahead, your kids are eager about getting back to school, meet their friends and get a new experience. But at the same time, they are worried about forthcoming workload, meeting new teachers and classmates.

Besides, for a kid, it can be quite difficult to adjust from lazy summer days to the breakneck speed of the school year. Here is the list of 10 useful tips for parents and kids to get back easily into the school mode and start a new studying year off right.

10 Back to School Tips for Parents:

The tips below will help you to relieve your kid from back to school worries and start the school year without any stress.

  • Connect with your kid`s school – Meet your kid`s teachers before the school year begins to know further workload and extracurricular activities.
  • School shopping – Go shopping a week or two before the school year starts. Think in advance what are you going to buy (uniform, footwear, stationery), it will save your time, nerves and energy.
  • Pack in advance – Make sure your kids get their bags packed in advance. The backpack shouldn`t be more than 10 % or 20% of your kid`s body weight. Show your kids the right way how to organize their stationeries, book, lunch box, etc.
  • Act out real-life situations – Simulate the real-life situations (bullying, peer pressure, etc.) and see their reaction. Teach your kids how to behave in stressful situations and stand up to their offenders.
  • Develop reading skills – Reading skills are essential for school success. That’s why parents should do their best to encourage their kids to become interested in reading. It will boost their literacy skills and improve their school performance.
  • Set rules – Establish reasonable rules for your kids. Limit their screen time, allowing to spend more time on studying and resting after school. Induce intellectual activities to bring them in studying mood and increase their productivity.
  • Be involved in kid`s school activities – Participate in parent-teacher meetings and similar activities. It may help to enhance your kid`s personality and grow them into confident and strong individuals.
  • Develop study habits – Create an environment that promotes studying. Kids need to have a permanent working space in their room or somewhere else that is quiet, distraction-free and comfortable.
  • Care about eating habits – When the school year begins, it is essential to care about your kid`s eating patterns. For a kid, it is very important to maintain a high level of energy during all day. That’s why you need to teach your kids to eat healthy food and avoid fattening or sugar-filled junk food.
  • Monitor kid`s online activities – Social media is a perfect platform for cyberbullying, sexting and coming across the online predators. That’s why as a parent your task is to protect your kid, minimizing online dangers. For this reason, mSpy is the best option as you can:
    • track text messages;
    • view call logs and contact list;
    • monitor text messengers (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, etc.)
    • view online activities (cookies, browsing history, bookmarks);
    • read emails;
    • and much more.

10 Back to School Tips for kids:

After summer holidays, it can be difficult to get back to the school routine. Here are some helpful tips, which will help to have the best school year ever.

  1. Gather all your school supplies – One or two weeks before the school year starts, gather all your school supplies together. It can help you to figure out if there is anything you don`t need anymore and what else you need to buy to get ready for a new school year.
  2. Use class time wisely – If your teacher has finished a lecture, but you still have 10 or 20 minutes left, start doing your math homework while the information is fresh in mind. Also, you can use this time to fill your gaps and ask a teacher to help you out.
  3. Create distraction-free zone – Doing your homework turn off your social media notifications or mute your phone for several hours. It will help you to concentrate on your homework and reduce a source of distraction.
  4. Get ready in advance – Get your clothes and backpack ready every evening. It will help you to avoid panic and confusion in the morning.
  5. Do your homework beforehand – Don`t leave your homework assignment until the last day. Firstly, plan your schedule and decide how much time you will spend on homework and self-education. Secondly, make the list of task that you haven’t finished yet and that require more than one day to complete. Thirdly, divide large tasks into several parts and schedule time for each part. The most important thing is to forget about procrastination.
  6. Don’t let a bad grade to keep you down – It is always disappointing to get a grade that is lower than you expected, but it is important not to let it get you down. Knowing how to deal with a bad grade in a right way, can help you to figure out your weak points and highlight the strong ones.
  7. Get enough sleep – Don’t stay up all night. Sleep deprivation makes it hard to concentrate and can lead students to fall asleep during the class. To feel rested and energetic kids need to have 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  8. Take notes – Take notes during the class. It can help you to ask a teacher to go over anything you don’t understand. Besides, you can go over your notes with friends, in case they really grasp the material.
  9. Plan ahead – Get a personal planner where you can mark the dates of your finals, tests, and midterms. Besides, you can note the deadlines of your essays, term papers, and other projects.
  10. Listen up – Be attentive during the classes. Listening and taking notes during the lectures can make the process of information recalling easier and faster.

School is a perfect time for kids to learn new things and make new friends. As a parent, your task is to teach them to be more confident, concentrated and responsible. Following these tips, you and your kids should be off to a great beginning of a new school year.

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