10 Handy Back to School Tips for Parents That Will Help Prepare a Kid for Studying

Agnes W Linn
Top 10 Back-to-School Tips for Parents and Kids

Summertime is rolling to an end, and the new academic year is already around the corner. NCEN projects public school enrollment to be higher in 2022 than in 2010. So, it’s time for kids and parents to think about getting ready for studies and new acquaintances.

For many kids, going back to school is pretty stressful because they are going to learn new subjects, meet new teachers, and be more organized than they used to be in summer. That’s why, except for buying all the needed stuff, such as clothes, books, and pencils, parents need to take care of their kids’ studying habits.

If you need some advice on starting a new school year, read on for the top 10 back-to-school tips and tricks to make the transition easier.

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1. Get Into a Daily Routine

Summer is relaxing, so getting back to living by schedule can be a bit hard for children. If you need back to school advice on moving kids toward discipline, we recommend organizing their daily routine two to three weeks before school starts. You can set up a specific time for daily activities, such as waking up, eating, and going to bed. As an option, you can propose your kid to install a planner on their smartphone and set up reminders. Doing routine at the same time every day will help children get used to their school environment and prevent them from being late to classes.

2. Arrange School Shopping

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Buying new stuff is fun for children. As kids enjoy sparkling, colorful things, going back-to-school shopping together is a great idea. Think in advance what you need to buy and give your kids the freedom to choose what they like within an established budget. Don’t be pushy if kids want something too “childish” or “toy-like”. Just explain that a smart look can help set the mood for good study habits.

3. Develop Reading Skills

When your kids get back to school, they have to absorb a lot of new knowledge. That’s why you need a couple of school tips that help train their ability to absorb all kinds of information. Reading is the best way to do so. You can read books together and then discuss the plot, main characters, and their decisions in described situations. Expressing thoughts will help youngsters to develop critical thinking, boost creativity, and form their opinion about what’s going on around them.

4. Implement Digital Education at Home

Before your kids start visiting classes, you can arrange home education for them. Use educational software and mobile apps that can combine studying and fun. Play educational games with your kids and enhance their desire to win by arranging challenges. Not only will your kids get ready for school, but they will also consider you as a tech-savvy parent.

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5. Encourage Healthy Habits

To be successful at school, children need to balance their energy. Encourage them to do morning exercises after they get up to energize their bodies. If your kids are fond of sports, invite them to perform any activity they like in the daytime. Being physically active during the day will help kids to burn off extra energy and stay concentrated on school subjects.

6. Review Travelling Rules

During the summer, children, normally, don’t need to travel to and from school. If they forget the basic rules of riding a school bus, your job is to remind them how to stay safe on the road. Instead of reviewing traffic laws, you can practice using public transport together. If your kids walk to school on foot and need to cross the road multiple times, consider buying them clothes or accessories with reflectors.

7. Create a Studying Environment

If you want your kids to be productive at school, create a neat, quiet workspace for them to do homework. Supply children with any studying materials they need and make sure they can access them without help. Choose a place at home that promotes studying most efficiently with minimum distractions. If your kids experience difficulties in organizing their learning process, try implementing special tips for school tasks. For example, create checklists, set deadlines, and track their homework time.

8. Establish Time for TV

With the beginning of an academic year, children are looking forward to their favorite shows and cartoons. That’s why you need to set rules to balance work and entertainment for your kids. Negotiate how much time your children need to do their home tasks and then set a specific time for watching TV and surfing the web.

9. Set Goals and Give Rewards

To make your kid’s homework more fun, you can think about setting educational goals for a reward. For example, your kid’s Monday goal can be finishing up their math by a specific hour (e.g., 7:30pm). As a reward, you can grant them 30 minutes to watch TV or play games on their PC. And if your kid is extra productive, maybe surprise them with a trip to the local theme park on the weekend.

10. Supervise their Internet Use with mSpy

As kids tend to stay connected with friends round the clock in summer, you may need to monitor their internet activity when school starts. A parental control app, such as mSpy, can help you track how much time your kids spend online and what exactly they do on the Internet. With mSpy, you can detect if your kid searches for homework answers online, or spends more time on the Internet than you allow, or has a social media addiction.

You can, also, prevent your kids from being victims of online harassment or cyberbullying by detecting their interactions with suspicious Internet users.

School is a time when kids learn a lot of new things, find new friends, and change their environment from fun to study. Doing so can be somewhat difficult both for kids and parents. To make your kid’s first days at school smooth and painless, follow our back to school tips and have a great academic year.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

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