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How to track someone`s iPhone

How to track someone`s iPhone

Have you ever thought what your child does when you are not around? With the modern technologies it became possible to check it. Now you have no longer to guess, you can find it out for real. In this article we will talk about three different methods to track someone`s iPhone without them knowing.

Variant 1. Use iCloud

The easiest way to track an iPhone is to access iCloud dashboard. There you can complete several actions: locate iPhone on the map, set a signal, lock it and erase all the data.

How to track iPhone with iCloud

  1. Access your dashboard entering your ID and a password;
  2. Choose Find my phone icon;
  3. Open All devices and select iPhone;
  4. View the location of your iPhone on the map;

With the help of iCloud, you are able to:

  • Play sound. Your iPhone will play sound for 2 minutes;
  • Lost mode. It will put your phone into the lost mode with a message on the screen;
  • Erase data. All the date will be deleted;

Variant 2. Track the iPhone with Google

Apple and Google have enormous storage of the users` data. If the location feature is enabled and the Internet is accessible on the iPhone, Google would update the location on Google Timeline. The user will be able to access the information about the last location update and follow the map on the iPhone.

How to track iPhone with Google Timeline

  1. Go to the Google Timeline;
  2. Choose the date or simply select “Today” on the left hand panel;
  3. View the location history for whole your day;
  4. Scroll through and choose the recent location update;

In case the location remains the same for the previous updates you can go and get it yourself. But if the location is moving, it seems your phone has been stolen. Contact the police and the phone provider to inform about the theft.

Protect your stolen phone data

If your phone location is off and you don`t have Find My iPhone app, it will be very difficult to track your iPhone. Protect your iPhone data with the help of the following methods:

  1. Remove a credit card from the Apple Store;
  2. Change your iCloud credentials (ID and password);
  3. Change the password for all accounts logged on your iPhone (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp);
  4. Inform the police about the theft and provide them with IMEI number;

Variant 3. Use mSpy

mSpy is a global leader of monitoring solutions. After the installation you will be able to view all target iPhone data remotely any time.

 How to track iPhone with mSpy

  1. Choose package subscription (Basic; Premium);
  2. Install mSpy app on the target and source phones;
  3. Open your Control Panel;
  4. Monitor the target iPhone data remotely.

Why to use mSpy?

  • It has great number of different features (GPS tracking, texts and calls monitoring, browser history viewing, social messengers tracking and many others);
  • It is completely unnoticeable. To view texts, calls and GPS location you don`t need to have jailbreak.
  • It is affordable and convenient in use;
  • It provides 24/7 support.

Now you know several ways to track someone`s iPhone easily. Choose the most convenient one.

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