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Tracking your Employees: What is Good and What is Bad?

At today’s age of high-end technologies, it is quite a normal thing to have most of the office jobs done through computers, internet and other intelligent devices. When the paper works are mostly done online now, there raises another situation that did not exist before. With employees being busy in their own desk computers or mobile devices, it becomes quite hard for the employers to keep track on their progress or even monitor what they have been doing exactly. So, to ensure that there is no goofing around the web in the work hours as well as to keep the company privacy intact, the idea of tracking the employees landed. 

For certain unavoidable reasons and policies, tracking the employees becomes inevitable. The thing to consider is how to track your employee? Or how far you are accepted to be the Spy Boss? The best way to track your employee would be providing separate devices to work on. If the company has no big secrets to keep within from the competitors, a security and cell phone spy software installed in the computers where the employees work would be fine. This thing should also be mentioned in their contracts that they are going to be monitored. Along with that, the trust upon the employees should go fine.

The scenario gets a bit more intense when the company has serious things to deal with that are not allowed to get out of the walls. For such cases, the company-provided cell phones or devices can be used to track over the employees’ activities. There are a number of spy tracking software and applications like mSpy for smart phones which allow a person to watch over a particular phone or device where it is installed and get records of the calls made, messages including emails, texts and IMs sent and even the contact list and multimedia files, being totally incognito.

track your employees mobile phoneLike mentioned before, putting the term about the monitoring in the contracts before hiring someone should be done before you decide to track your employee. The latest technologies allow us to make sure that the employees are doing only their jobs and nothing else and that the company privacy is maintained nicely, but there is the personal privacy of the employees as well which should be respected. The tracking system should remain in the comfort zone of the employees. Being extremely nosy to even their personal lives can lead them to leave the job anytime. So, the best suggestion here is to remain professional in all means and it is applicable for both the employer and the employee.

Monitoring the employees and tracking their footsteps online or through their phones should not be compared with the spying things with a heinous intension. It may seem a bit odd at the beginning, but sure keeps the employees and the works as well on track and on time. This much of regulation can easily be welcomed. To keep it as decorum, the employer and the employees have to be honest in their own places to let things be fine and smooth.

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