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Two-Factor Authentication: Stronger Security for Your mSpy Account

Two-Factor Authentication: Stronger Security for Your mSpy Account

In today’s world of growing Internet fraud and digital crime, many people are concerned about their online security, logins and passwords protection.
Standard security procedure that requires only a login and password can`t guarantee overall safety. That’s why for online swindlers it becomes easy to intercept user’s personal data and financial details to commit the deceptive acts.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication, known as TFA, is an extra security layer that apart from login and password requires additional information (SMS code, email or phone verification). Having a login, password and additional piece of information altogether, makes it harder for potential frauds to steal your personal details. Nevertheless, if you ask some people “What is Two Factor Authentication?”, it is more likely they will not answer, even if they use it every day.

How mSpy Two Factor Authentication works?

When it comes to the process of mSpy account password recovery, there is a Two Factor Authentication as well. If you want to reset your mSpy account password and get and access to all previous information, you need to have a Key file, previously sent to your email by mSpy support team.

How to reset your mSpy account password?

Step 1.

  • Open your mailbox and find the email with a Key-file;
  • Download a key-file to your PC (no need to open it);

Step 2.

  • Open and choose Forgot Password option;
  • Enter your email address and submit it. A new password will be sent to your email address;
  • Go back to the mailbox and follow the link to change your password;
  • Enter a new password and then confirm it;
  • Attach a key file, downloaded to your PC and submit it.

Your password is changed, now you can log in using your new password and access your old data.

Using a Two Factor Authentication can help you to protect your personal details and reduce the number of identity theft cases, as criminals need to have more than just your login and a password.

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