uKnowKids app reviews 2019: How it works for iOS and Android

Daniel Black
uKnowKids app reviews 2018: How it works for iOS and Android

What is uKnowKids?

Kids use all types of social media nowadays. They prefer online communication over real-time one. Children can’t spend a day without their devices, and this addiction can bring many risks.
uKnowKids is created to ease parenting for all the caring parents. With uKnowKids parents can find out what does their kid do online and protect their child from any suspicious contact.
To start using uKnowKids, you have to create uKnowKids account defining the social network frequently used by your kid. Then, install the uKnowKids application on the device of your kid. Be it iOS, or Android, uKnowKids software is compatible with these operating systems.
After the setup, you will able to discover who your kid texts with and other details their phones may hide. uKnowKids adjusts messages teens exchange so that parents can understand slang and jargon.
It is also possible to get access to kid’s weekly or monthly logs. uKnowKids can send you reports regularly to provide statistics displaying overall activity of your child.

How does uKnowKids work?

uKnowKids is the development of The service unites social media accounts of your kid to provide excessive reports and location information. The logs are gathered into Parental Intelligence Service.
uKnowKids can monitor the activity regardless of the device your kid uses. Whether it is PC, iPhone or random device your child enters Facebook from, uKnowKids is able to track the activity made from the particular account.
Parents are not required to have personal accounts on social media. uKnowKids works regardless parents have accounts or not.
After registration on the official site of uKnowKids, you will have to set up a profile for your kid. You can use uKnowKids service to monitor the maximum of four kids. Then you can connect the service to your kid’s accounts.
Service will only be able to work correctly if you provide kid’s username and password for each social network or messenger.
The service will also provide you with installation guidelines. Installing the uKnowKids app on the smartphone of the child you will get regular updates on his/her real-time location.
After the installation, enter your dashboard to check the activity.

FEATURES: Text Message Monitoring.

uKnowKids covers essential spying features, which allow effectively monitoring someone’s activity effectively. With uKnowKids you can access your kid texts messages. No matter how many texts they exchange during the day, all of them will be tracked and send to your dashboard. The content of deleted messages will also be available.

FEATURES: Phone & Facetime Call Logs.

No doubt, social media is one of the most popular means of communication now. But kids still talk with their friends on the phone and facetime. Call history and other details are also accessible in your dashboard.

FEATURES: Social & Mobile Contacts.

You may not know the person who calls your son or daughter directly. But you can find out their phone numbers. uKnowKids reflects your kid’s contact list including extensive information on every contact.

FEATURES: Facebook Monitoring.

Facebook account of your kid will be fully represented in your dashboard. You will get access to all the Facebook logs. Spy on likes, comments and other details that usually are invisible on Facebook.

FEATURES: Photo Reviews.

Their photo gallery can’t contain anything harmful. That’s what majority of parents think. Photos will help you find out what your kid interests the most. Reviewing pictures you can discover who the friends of your kid are and what type of content they exchange.

FEATURES: Mobile App Reviews.

Smartphones allow installing the unlimited number of apps. Though, not all of them are good for your child. uKnowKids allows checking list of installed apps of your kid. Maybe some of them affect your child’s concentration.

FEATURES: Social Network Scanning.

Some kids create second accounts on social media. They mostly do it to hide something from their parents. With social network scanner from uKnowKids, you can find every account of your child.

FEATURES: Twitter Monitoring.

Twitter is a popular social network, which is broadly used by teens. uKnowKids grants parents access to their kids’ private conversations and mentions on Twitter.

FEATURES: Web Browsing & Search History.

This feature is one of the most useful options provided by uKnowKids. Reveal what websites your kid visits and what information he/she looks for. Browser history will be available in your dashboard.

FEATURES: Family Locator Tools.

uKnowKids follows your kids everywhere they go. Track location of your child, review location logs with Family Locator Tools.

FEATURES: Digital Safety Resources.

uKnowKids will supply you with various educational resources to help to learn everything about digital safety.

FEATURES: Instagram Monitoring.

Instagram is another widely used social network. If the account of your kid is open, you can find out who your child follows and who follows them back on Instagram. With uKnowkids you will get access to Instagram likes and comments as well.

Why is mSpy better?

uKnowKids is not the only app you can use to monitor your kid’s activity. mSpy is another parental control solution that has plenty of features. mSpy app helps to ensure your kid is safe and sound whenever you aren’t around. Here are the short list of features mSpy app covers.

  • User-friendly software. mSpy parental control software is designed primarily for parents. Not every person possesses solid technical skills. Thus, mSpy software is exceptionally user-friendly, which makes it easy to install and setup.
  • Compatibility with many devices. mSpy app runs smoothly both on Android and iOS operating systems. The software is compatible with iOS 7 – 8.4; 9.0-9.1 and Android 4+. mSpy without jailbreak will run on any iOS version.
  • Remote installation. mSpy support staff will help you install and setup the app on the target device. Features like Keylogger, GPS location tracking, and USB-debugging will be set up for you remotely.
  • Application blocking. Spending too much playing mobile games, the kid may lose the ability to focus. With mSpy you can block specific applications and make sure your kid spends time wisely.

Installing mSpy, you will get access to Snapchat or Kik accounts of your kid. Subscribe and discover many useful features of mSpy.

uKnowKids App

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