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uKnowKids App Review: Why Their Story Has Come to an End

Daniel Black

Today’s children are pretty good at using various types of technologies. And, as you know, kids aren’t too preoccupied with online security and privacy.

They willingly share personal information on social media and accept friend requests from strangers on instant chatting apps. That’s why parents need a reliable parental control app to check on their children on the Internet.

Some adults used to trust the uKnowKids app that was specially designed for families. However, the service stopped providing clients with their services.

If you want to know what happened to uKnowKids, keep reading this article. Or, you can try a solution that works right now: the mSpy monitoring app.

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What Really Happened to uKnowKids?

As you might already know from other uKnowKids reviews, the app’s story came to an end. In 2020, uKnowKids was bought by Bark — a well-known parental control app that collaborates with educational authorities.

As the Bark team noted in their announcement, uKnowKids members can transfer their uKnowKids accounts to Bark’s platform and keep monitoring their children online.

The uKnowKids active users are offered to sign up for a Bark account using emails associated with their uKnowKids membership. Bark promised to renew their clients’ annual and lifetime plans.

As for the uKnowKids Digital Family Resource Center, Bark declared to keep supporting it.  So, parents may keep educating themselves on security issues that their kids can face on the Internet.

What Is uKnowKids?

uKnowKids is an app designed to ease parenting for adults who want to keep their children safe online. Since uKnowKids is a parental control solution, it helps parents to find out what their children are up to online and protect them from befriending suspicious people on the Internet.

The app allows you to monitor your child’s messages, calls, media files, and social media chats.

To start using uKnowKids, you need to create an account and define what social network your children use most frequently. Then, you need to install the uKnowKids app on a target device and start monitoring another person’s online activity.

How Does uKnowKids Work?

uKnowKids makes it possible to see various online activities of another person. It provides you with excessive reports of those activities and stores them in your Parental Intelligence Service account.

You can monitor someone else online regardless of their device: PC, iPhone, or Android-operated tablet. The only condition for the app to work is that it’s installed correctly.

To start using u Know Kids, you need to sign up on their official site and set up a profile for a monitored person. You can use the uKnowKids service to monitor up to four users.

The next step is to purchase a subscription. You can find the information about the app’s cost in the next section of this article.

When your payment is complete, uKnowKids will email you installation guidelines. Follow them accurately to set up the app. After everything is done, you can log in to your dashboard and see a target person’s activity.

What Is the uKnowKids Pricing Model?

The uKnowKids Premier is a pretty expensive service that will cost you At $100 per year. It allows monitoring up to 4 target devices with a possibility to check out the activity on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As an option, you can purchase a lifetime subscription that will cost you $180. There is also an additional one-time fee of $60 if you want to use iOS.

As for the uKnowKids free trial, you’re welcome to try the service free of charge for one week. However, you need to add your credit card credentials to activate the trial.

What Activity Can I Monitor With the uKnowKids App?

uKnowKids covers many essential monitoring features, which allow you to check out another person’s online activity remotely.

Text Message Monitoring

With uKnowKids, you can access your kid’s text messages from your smartphone. No matter how many texts they exchange during the day, all of them will be tracked and sent to your dashboard. You can also check their deleted messages.

Call Logs

Whenever you need to know who your child speaks with on the phone, uKnowKids will provide you with this information. The app allows monitoring their incoming and outgoing calls remotely.


Although you mightn’t know in person all the people who call your child, you can find out their contact information. uKnowKids allows you to see their phone numbers, as it shows your child’s full contact list, including extensive information on each contact.

Media Files

Although some parents underestimate the importance of monitoring a photo gallery, this feature can come in handy. Reviewing your child’s photos, you can discover who they befriend and what type of content they exchange with one another.

Installed Apps

Smartphones allow installing an endless number of apps, although not all of them are good for your child. uKnowKids allows you to check the list of installed apps and identify the harmful ones.

Browsing History

This feature is one of the most useful options provided by uKnowKids. You can reveal what websites your kid visits and what information they search for. All browser history will be available in your dashboard.


uKnowKids follows your kids everywhere they go. You can track their real-time locations with Family Locator Tools.

uKnowKids vs mSpy

uKnowKids is not the only app you can use to monitor your kid’s activity. mSpy is an alternative parental control solution that offers plenty of useful features.

Here’s the shortened list of features that mSpy covers so far:

  • User-friendly interface. mSpy is designed for ordinary people who don’t have solid technical skills. That’s why mSpy is an exceptionally user-friendly and easy-to-use app.
  • Compatibility with many devices. You can run mSpy on both Android and iOS operated devices. Feel free to use it for Android phones, tablets, iPhones, and PCs.
  • Remote installation. If you don’t understand how to install mSpy on the target device, the mSpy support team can help you. We can guide you via chat or phone or install mSpy on the needed device remotely.
  • Variety of features. After installing mSpy, you can benefit from its monitoring features, such as Keylogger, GPS location tracking, social media monitoring, and screen recording.

mSpy is a secure and reliable app. All data collected by it is encrypted and protected.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.

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