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Ultimate guide to monitoring kids Snapchat

Ultimate guide to monitoring kids Snapchat

Have you ever wondered why many people, especially teenagers and young adults use Snapchat? It is because it is easy and fun to use. Snapchat is a text, photo and video sharing app. It has 166 million active users daily and 32% of US teens (aged 13-17) use Snapchat on their mobile phone. How do parents ensure that their kids are using Snapchat wisely?

Why do kids love Snapchat?

Kids love adventures and expressing themselves, especially the silly little things they do, and Snapchat gives them the option or a platform for that.  The lenses, face swap and filters features provide the platforms for kids to explore their creativity.

Also, kids love the fact that they can send funny moments to their friends knowing that those pictures or videos will be deleted and they don’t need to worry about the message staying online.

Dangers associated with Snapchat:

Since photos and videos disappear within 10 secs (depending on the number of seconds set before the messages were sent),  kids use this app for sexting. Sexting between two adults is legal and considered normal. However, when it is done among kids, it can lead these kids to be charged with Possession of Child Pornography when seen and reported. What may start as simple fun could result in them serving time in a juvenile facility.

Most kids use Snapchat to cyberbully their friends. Since the messages disappear, bullies send mean messages and distorted photos and videos to their victims to harass them. Cyberbullying is one of the leading causes of child anxiety and depression in kids. It is also the one of the main reason for child suicide thoughts.

What these kids fail to realize is that these photos they send thinking they will disappear can be captured with a screenshot or another camera device.  These pictures can be used to either blackmail them in future.

Parents should be proactive when it comes to their children using Snapchat. Parents need to guide the children on how to use these social media apps reasonably. Why should parents risk all these because their kids want to have fun?

We will look at some guides parents can rely on

  1. Snapchat is just one app out of many out there that allow children to express themselves in many fun ways. There will be more of these apps hence, social media skills need to be taught. Moreover, parents should do it themselves and not leave it to their kids’ teacher.
  2. Parents should talk to their children about the Snapchat app. Let your kids show you some of the funny pictures and online If you do not understand what some of the features like face swap does on Snapchat, ask your children about it. Demonstrate that you love them showing you different things
  3. Using mSpy parental control app will help parents monitor their kid’s Snapchat usage. The setup is very simple.

Once the setup is completed, you will be able to view all pictures and videos sent and received. Also, you will see all the art drawn and sent.


A Snapchat picture sent with a 10-second disappearing time


A Snapchat video sent with a 10-second disappearing time

With mSpy you do not get to monitor just Snapchat, it has over 25 features that parents can benefit from.

Snapchat has its fun part and it is an engaging app when used correctly. With the dangers of sexting, cyberstalking and cyberbullying it comes with, parents should be more proactive in the social media activities of their kids. Parents should learn new trends happening in the social media world by effectively communication with their children.

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