uMobix App Review: Is This Parental Control App up to the Task?

Agnes W Linn
umobix review

Do you find yourself constantly worried about your child’s circle of friends? Have you ever wanted to check where your child spends her evenings because you fear for their life? It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that today, such concerns are well warranted. After all, it’s not getting any safer out there. Luckily, there are scores of apps that come to the rescue.

Launched well over a year ago, uMobix managed to win quite a few dedicated users, and it’s one of those apps which is up to the task of putting your fears to rest. Among its users are concerned moms and dads who wish to protect their children from being in harm’s way.

There are many uMobix reviews on the internet, so let’s try to clear the waters. Here’s a uMobix app review you’ve been searching for. If you’ve ever wondered ”Is uMobix legit?”, this review is definitely for you. Read on.

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What Сan You Get: The Main Features uMobix Arms You With

uMobix boasts many useful features which are quite similar to those of the other tracker apps out there. The main features are:

Calls & Messages Tracking

Are you concerned about who your child talks to on the phone? Not only does uMobix log all the calls on your child’s phone, but it also records all the numbers, and shows the caller’s name as it’s written in the contacts list. It monitors the time and duration of all the calls as well.

Social Media Messages Tracking

It’s impossible to see the full picture without also seeing who your child texts and what she’s up to on social networks. Go to the dashboard and check all the incoming and outgoing messages, be it the usual SMS messages or the texts from Facebook.

Photos and Videos Logging

Even if your child apparently enjoys going to the cinema, she might find it really difficult to resist taking pics with her friends. uMobix’s Gallery Viewer logs the child’s gallery 24/7 and then allows you to see the photos on the Dashboard.

GPS Location Tracking

If you’ve noticed that your child regularly turns her geolocation off, or you suspect she might be a no-show at school, uMobix has you covered as well. Check the real-time location of your child with granular precision.


If you want to have a gander at something even more interesting than just the messages, uMobix offers you a Keylogger feature. It allows you to see your child’s password, the notes they jot down, or any particular keywords they enter in the browser.

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uMobix: Overview



Basic Android & iOS


Android Full

1-month plan for $59.99/mo

3-month plan for $33.33/mo

12-month plan for $14.99/mo

iOS Full

1-month plan for $49.99/mo

3-month plan for $26.66/mo

12-month plan for $12.49/mo

# of devices1 device per subscription only
Free trialNo
Location trackingYes
Social media trackingYes (Full package only)
Remote capabilitiesYes

uMobix Pros and Cons


  • Most messaging apps and social media networks are supported
  • An in-depth report of activities along with a detailed log
  • Succinct reports of location, calls, and texts


  •  The Basic plan doesn’t offer enough features
  • The installation process is too complicated on iPhones
  • One subscription covers only one device
  • Quite pricey for most users

uMobix: What Do Users Think?

What better way to see whether the app’s worth it than to check real user reviews? Here’s a handful of them for you. These seem to reveal that although there are quite a few people satisfied with the experience of using a uMobix app, there are lots of disgruntled users as well:

Umobix vs mSpy: Who Comes Out on Top

Now that you’re on this page, you must’ve already heard of mSpy. Independent reviewers and users consistently put mSpy among the cream of the crop of phone monitoring apps. It makes perfect sense then to pit one against the other and see who comes out on top in the end.

Bear with us to see how the two parental control apps fare in this tournament of sorts:


When it comes to uMobix price, the user might be slightly baffled with a whole range of different tiers and plans, depending on your operating system and contract duration.  In contrast to uMobix pricing, mSpy has bargain basement prices, especially for the Android version, and offers simpler pricing plans.

Winner: mSpy

Hidden Mode

Do you want to make sure that your child doesn’t notice the presence of the app? uMobix has the hidden mode capability baked right in. So does mSpy. Well, is uMobix detectable then? We’re glad to say that if set up properly, neither of the apps should be discoverable by users.

Winner: Tie

Ease of Use

While uMobix is fairly easy to use, navigating the app at times calls for rather tech-savvy parents. A bit unsure of how to uninstall uMobix? Or, maybe, you’re at a loss when trying to go about uMobix installation? mSpy installation process and in-app navigation are slightly more intuitive and are easier to grasp.

Winner: mSpy

All in all, while uMobix is a solid option for worried parents, mSpy seems to be a safer bet.

uMobix: The Bottom Line

Making sure that your kids are safe and sound in our ever-changing world is of paramount importance. These days, parents need to step up their game when it comes to safeguarding their children from the dangers of online and offline worlds alike.

uMobix is a good app, and we really like it, but its strengths pale into insignificance when compared with mSpy. In a nutshell, mSpy seems to come out on top in this battle by a solid margin.

Hopefully, after this uMobix review, it’ll be much easier for you to make the right choice and protect your kids’ well-being. Are you on the lookout for an easy-to-use yet sophisticated enough solution to keep tabs on the location of your child? Consider opting for mSpy.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.

  • Horrible!!!! Didn’t sync well with android phone. Customer service is a joke!! Missing texts, calls and emails show up blank. They said its bad reception or phone hasn’t been used. This is a lie. There were messages from the phone to my phone and they never showed up. The target phone was on multiple occasions so how can it be bad reception all day?? Right now it’s 2:45pm and no updates on the location since 11pm last night!! Don’t get it!!

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