In continuation of my previous post on BB, I’d like to put down some more brief notes on it.

If you dig deeper than usually, you can find something unusual in the end, that’s for sure… Online nerds found out that BlackBerry’s mobile browser can load a page in about a second and a half, thus, it seems to be the fastest of any mobile platforms. The next closest competitor in terms of mobile browser speed takes nearly 5 seconds to load the same page. That’s a bit unexpected, isn’t it? It means BB’s “Titanic” is far away from keeling over.

Breath-taking statistics can widen your horizons in the most unexpected manner. Just have a look at these figures:

1.         Most popular browsers by platform: for desktops, Chrome holds 64%, while the next in the line – Firefox and IE – take up by approximately 15% each; for mobile segment, Safari holds 44%, Android following closely with 33%.

2.         Most popular browsers by OS: as per Windows, Chrome holds 67%, while Firefox and IE take up by approximately 16% each; as per Mac, Safari holds 57%, Chrome following with 31%.

3.         Fastest browsers by platform: for desktops, Linux Chrome 22 advances with 2 seconds; for mobile segment, BlackBerry 5.0 comes with 1.5 second; the rest of the candidates in both sections lagging far behind, significantly.

4.         Fastest browsers by OS: as per Windows, Mozilla Gecko 11 advances with 3.6 seconds; as per Mac, Chrome 3D comes with 3.4 seconds.

One can often come across such opinions of online community representatives:

  • “BB10 is truly amazing. It’s so simplistic and easy to use. it’s easier to lean than iOS”;
  • “Not only is the BlackBerry 10 browser super-fast, it also supports Flash and has a Desktop mode for times when you want to avoid mobile sites”;
  • “Once you communicate with the hub it’s hard to go back. I can’t imagine now using several disparate apps for communication when I can just use one for everything”;
  • “The whole OS is five years ahead of the competition” etc.

You see, the reports of BB’s death are greatly exaggerated. And it’s a very good chance to take a second look at this platform, more attentively this time.

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