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Why use the mSpy GPS location and Geofencing Features

Why use the mSpy GPS location and Geofencing Features

The world today has become so small with the advancement of technology that you can know where anybody is with a GPS location app. Knowing where your kid is has always brought satisfaction to every parent. mSpy location and Geofencing features give you more than just the location of your kid’s phone.

The need to know where your kid is at anytime

Kids are always adventurous in their activities. And that is okay for normal growing kids. Regardless their adventures, kids needs to be safe. As a parent or a guardian, there had been times one of your kids got lost by wandering away in amusement parks, fairs, or airports and you can bear witness those periods were not good ones.

According to the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Thrownaway Children (NISMART II) there are about 2100 kids reported missing every day in the US equating it to 1 child being missing in 41 seconds! Of these 800 of these daily reports are just miscommunications.

Most of these missing kids never return to their parents. They get kidnapped or abducted.

How to benefit from mSpy GPS /Geofencing Features

One of the biggest challenges of being a parent is teaching your kid to be vigilant without raising his/her fears and anxiety levels. Although some dangers do exist, you lessen the chances that your child will be abducted or would wander away.

In addition to that, young children need to have a name tag with telephone numbers attached to their phones if they have one. This makes it easier for other caring adults or police to help out in case your kid wanders away.

Technology has made it simple to know where your kid is right from your phone. That is what the mSpy GPS location/Geofencing give you.

GPS location

mSpy’s GPS location feature allows you to see the current location of your kid on a comprehensive map. You will have access to route history for a certain period of time. Additionally, all this information is delivered to your Control Panel for you to access it in your convenient time.


The Geofencing feature of mSpy is embedded in the GPS location feature. It is a unique feature that allows you to set an unlimited number of forbidden or dangerous zones. That is, once your kid enters or exits one of these defined boundaries, you receive an email notification.  For instance, you get alerted when you kid leaves the gym to Grandma’s house or to the park if those zones are defined with the Geofencing feature.

With the Geofencing and GPS location features all your fears of where your kid is at any point in time is put to rest. Being a good parent means making wise decisions concerning your kid’s safety. Choose mSpy parental control app.

mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect. 

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