Using Social Media for Business: Keeping Work and Personal Accounts Separated

SMM or Social Media Marketing is one big booming way to take a brand or a company to a customer’s home, in fact, in their mind, without really forcing or annoying them like the previous door-to-door salesman’s job. It is now a perfect gateway to introduce what services a company has to offer, to potential clients, and also to connect with the present and previous ones for supports. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr or any other social media site, a company needs to create, maintain and update accounts in all these popular sites to spread the name and set credibility for it.


The Dark Side of the Story

Well, it is sad but true that everything apparently good has its dark side too. For the effective SMM practice, the dark side would be the problem of keeping the personal usage out of the company’s one. Since, most employers use extra helping hands to keep the social media account updated and interacted, many employees are often found using that time and connectivity to use their own social media accounts, playing games or doing such things. These practices often slow down the progress of the company and cause delays in hitting targets. Not only these are misuses of company’s resources, but also, customers who seek answers for their queries may also face delays, and it can, furthermore, add disappointments to the company’s book. This becomes too much to ignore for any business, especially if it is a small and growing one. With this problem in one hand and the need of having employees to manage this current trend of reaching customers on the other, the employers are often in a fix, looking for solutions.


The Way to Keep Personal out of Professional

For any business, whether it is a new one or an old, already successful one, it is mandatory to keep the pace the customers expect it to have, to ensure their recurrence and to grab more attention. While social media helps in achieving exactly the cases mentioned, we have already pointed out the potential problems with such sites too. To keep the social media appearance intact and to have the employees doing only what they should be with those official accounts, both at the same time, there is one invincible way. That will be the use of monitoring software on the workplace computers to see what the employees assigned for managing social media accounts are doing. Cell phone tracking software like mSpy allows an employer to get all the usage data, including web history, files stored, shared and, downloaded apps and games used and literally everything that has been done through the computer in question. This way, the employer gets a full-time access to all the computers under the company, and the activities done through those. So, if anyone is using the office internet and time to upload their holiday photos, or for watching that viral cat video, the employer will know instantly and will be able to take necessary steps as well!

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