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Why video games are bad for kids?

Why video games are bad for kids?

A black hole of videogames absorbs more and more kids every day. They lose their interest in ordinary things like sports, studying, reading and communication with their peers. That`s why their parents become highly concerned.

Parents consider video games to be as harmful as junk food for kids. In moderation, video games are acceptable, but in abundance they are very harmful for teens. Unfortunately, not all parents understand why video games are bad for their kids. In this article we will discuss pros and cons of video games and will give useful tips to parents how to balance video games and real life. Here is a short info on videogames statistics  among teens:

  • In the US 3 million of kids are addicted to video games;
  • 50 percent of boys listed adults video games among they favorites;
  • Generally, boys choose violent, aggressive or blood-thirsting games and girls give their preference to puzzle or platform games;
  • One in 10 teens play video games instead of studying and visiting their classes.

Bad effects of video games

Game industry is filled with various types of video games. There are a lot of educational and learning ones. But a lot of kids give their preference to versus games where they can kill a walking dead or drive a sport car at breakneck speed. Bad effects of video games are the following:

  1. Violent content

Kids who spend a lot of time playing videogames suffer from mood swings, aggressive thoughts, behavior and depression.

  1. Social Isolation

Constant video games playing makes a child socially isolated. Teens spend less time reading, communicating with their peers and family.

  1. Wrong values

Video games teach your child wrong values. Aggressive behavior, violence and vengeance are encouraged and rewarded.

  1. Distortion of woman`s image

Women are often described as sexually provocative characters without morals and principles.

  1. Video games distort an image of real world

Spending a lot of time on the computer, kids forget about their social life. They spend less time with their friends.

  1. Health problems

Videogames ruin vision, destroy attention spans, and eviscerate impulse control. What`s more, violent video games increase higher heart rate, provoke dizziness, aggressive thoughts and give feeling of anxiety.

  1. Inappropriate sexual content

Adult games contain sexual explicit content, which is harmful for teens.

  1. Bad language

A lot of video games contain foul language which is not appropriate for teens.

Good effects of video games

Spending little time on video games is okay. It is important to choose a game of high quality and limit your kid`s screen time. No more than two hours a day, including TV, computer, smartphone, tablet and other gadgets.  Here are some good points of video games playing.

  1. Improvement of cognitive functions

To succeed in a game, a kid must study how to follow guidelines, restrictions and their components.  As a result, kids improve their cognitive functions.

  1. Problem-solving feature

In order to cope with challenges a user needs to find a solution for the existing problem. Talking about the educational games or mind games, having basic knowledge is not enough. A player must find new combinations and connect old skills with the new ones to get rid of all obstacles on the following level.

  1. Quick thinking

In particular role-play games and adventure games force teens to think quickly and take difficult decisions to survive in a game.

  1. Multitasking

Modern games become more and more complicated. While keeping track of moving elements, players need to control the course of the game as well.

  1. Hand-eye coordination

For example, a player keeps track of the position, direction, speed, score and tee, in a shooter game. All the information is processed with the brain and then coordinated with the hands as all actions are done with the help of keyboard.

  1. Learning experience

Unlike watching TV, the player takes an active role in a challenging and gripping game. That`s why many people find video games amusing.

  1. Memory

Players need to remember all game combinations, movements of their characters and all movements of their opponents. They need to understand how to avoid dangers and how to win. All that have a positive effect on the memory.

  1. Ability to take risks

There are no games who reward players for being modest and playing cautious. To win in any game players need to be capable to take risks.

  1. Accuracy

Playing action games, users learn how to make fast decisions and win a game without loosing accuracy.

Useful tips for parents: how to balance video games with real life

  1. Set a limit for game playing

Don`t allow your child to spend all weekend in a room playing games. It is important to remember that it shouldn`t be more than two hours a day (including TV, computer, smartphone, tablet).

  1. Choose high-quality games

Be sure that a game your kid plays doesn`t contain foul language and sexually explicit content.

  1. Keep the priorities straight

You can allow your child to have some time playing videogames only when home-assignments and house chores will be done.

The question of video game playing is quite disputable. It is difficult to draw the line between normal and harmful amount of playing. Without doubts, parents try to find moderation in everything. Banning games completely may be good for doing house chores and studying. But in other cases, it may reduce their cognitive development and deprive of the joy source. To control your kids` online activity and time they spend on video games when you are not around you may use parental control app mSpy.

mSpy parental control

in order to control your kid`s time online you can choose desktop monitoring software for parental control. With mSpy parental control you will be able to:

– track and control your kid`s PC usage remotely;

– review their activity;

– record screenshots and keystrokes;

– measure productivity;

Everything should be in moderation, this is basically the key to happy parenting.

mSpy- Know.Prevent.Protect.

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