What does BlackBerry’s SOS mean?

Problem Core

Middle October witnessed one of the greatest upheavals and lot of turmoil, the blown-up dust still unsettled down, in the sphere of loyalty. As we aren’t rats who abandon the sinking ship, we’d like to talk about staying faithful to the once-and-for-all chosen partner.

Research-in-Motion, a well-known Canadian company, used to be one of the dominant players in the smartphone sector once. Now, its fame seems to be fading away, like fumes of gun smoke after a decisive battle, leaving us with bitter-sweet memories and tangible worries as for the future of our essential means for everyday communication (What if RIM does go bankrupt, REALLY?).

The final straw to the long-lasting recession, RIM’s brand-new Z10 smartphone became a financial failure and didn’t succeed in dragging the company out of the vortex by hair. It missed by a hair’s breadth in doing so. The launch of Z30 is high-spiritedly announced but still evokes worries as for long-term support. Everyone with the intention of undertaking a purchasing leap strongly favors getting OS updates without their possible drying up in the foreseeable future of six months or so. But does RIM have such future?Avoiding a Pitfall - Arrow Man Jumps Over Hole

Consequences & Ways Out

What is more (I’m very dedicated to subjective aspect, you see), 4,500 job are announced to be cut; it amounts up to 40% of RIM’s global workforce. It means actual bread-and-butter and job places for flesh-and-blood people out there. God forbid that we get into the same situation – RIM ‘s most recent quarterly financial reporting revealed a nearly $1 billion loss… A private consortium led by investor Fairfax Financial is waiting at the threshold, most likely going to become next BlackBerry’s label owner.

Rivals’ great figures do not stand the rough-and-tumble apart. Former Apple CEO John Sculley has also been rumored to be interested in the Canadian phone maker. But, although Sculley himself says, “I think there’s a lot of future value in BlackBerry”, its strategic plan has to be credible and implemented by an experienced team.

No wonder, analyst-research firm Gartner suggested BlackBerry’s clients swapping over onto other mobile technologies. But mSpy would say it’s a bit premature. As Mark Twain once said, “Rumors about my death are a bit exaggerated”. Though the reasons of crisis, as well as the prospects, seem a bit gloomy, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

We do believe the company which pleads its customers to stay loyal and retain their faith in their brand. Frank Boulben, RIM’s chief marketing officer, told Reuters in the open letter: “We want customers to know that they can continue to count on us – we are here to stay.” We, at mSpy, are eager to vest our confidence in our favorite brand due to the bunch of characteristics BlackBerry can justifiably be proud of:

                    Best in class productivity tool

                    Best in class security

                    Best in class enterprise mobility management

                    Best in class mobile social network

Bad news is always unexpected and seldom come alone. We can only wish they pass us by without deplorable consequences. We cling onto belief that bad times do finish some time. But worry not – we continue our cooperation with BlackBerry’s platform! Moreover, we intend to expand our assembly of platforms and device models in the nearest future. Follow our new updates, stay weekly informed at our blog!


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