London Olympics

What Everybody Ought to Know About the Olympic Games

  The Olympic Games have always been considered as a fair competition between the representatives of the majority of countries in the world. Sports are the activities that cannot be performed better than they are, unless they are performed by a wizard. Thus, no one had any idea that the Olympics for some reason may not be fair (surely, except for those kinds of sports where the scores of the judges may vary based on some subjective ground).

  A shocking truth, however, came to publicity on Thursday, August 2. Eight badminton competitors were deliberately trying to lose during the championship. Why would they let the Olympic winner’s opportunities go? What were the motives of the 8 young ladies who did everything they could NOT to become the best?

  As it comes out, there is not fair competition in the world. Even sport is all about fame (very often ill fame) and money.

  The Chinese Olympic badminton doubles champion Yu Yang was the one who revealed the truth to the world not even knowing about it. Yu’s mother has been tracking her cell phone for several months with the help of the monitoring software similar to mSpy. Right before the actual match, Yu sent an SMS to her boyfriend : ‘Hi baby! Tomorrow I’ll be a loser, but a rich one=)’. Yu’s mother started crying after reading this message, however, she was not sure what this all was about, so she just decided to wait and see. This information has not been proven yet. However, it is clear enough that more and more people are becoming disappointed with the ‘fair’ Olympic Games going on in London.

  Money makes the world go round – a well-known saying which, unfortunately, is proven to be true in life. Including the Olympic Games.

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