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What makes mSpy the best parental control app among good ones?

What makes mSpy the best parental control app among good ones

What is CyberPatrol? How does it work?

In this Cyber Patrol review, you’ll find out the app’s core features and why there are other parental controls whose functionality prevails.

Cyber Patrol is a parental control software which embodies the expertise of Content Watch and Net Nanny. The latter being created in 1995 as the Internet filtering app. Over the years, it grew up in a parental control app. However, it still remains known for fighting against pornography. After identifying it, it blocks it. Thus, this app is very popular among Christians who strive to “keep their sight pure”. Other features are hiding profanity and managing the time kids spend on the Internet.

Recently, Content Watch has launched a parental control app Zift which is also helpful with its filtering features.


As it was previously stated, Internet filtering here is the most powerful feature of all. To make it more customized and refined, the CyberPatrol’s developer created filtering for 18 categories. It allows sifting the content perfectly well to make a decision whether to permit it, warn or ban at all.


Alerts and reports are an integral part of monitoring. Before undertaking regulating measures, a parent needs to know the situation. Thus, this CyberPatrol feature literally shows the whole picture of your child’s Internet activity. The app sends email alerts and reports to let you know how much time they spent on that particular site.


Is your kid having a sleep deprivation, school performance decrease or exhaustion? Perhaps, one of the reasons is too much time spent on screens.

According to the Common Sense Media, teens spend about 5 hours per day on screens on average. But every child is unique which means some can spend 2 hours meanwhile the other – 7. So, regulating screen time is necessary.

With CyberPatrol time management, parents have all the odds to set a specific amount of hours for the device and Internet use.


When using CyberPatrol, any user won’t be “depersonalized”. Thus, a customer can use preset user profiles or arrange settings specifically for each person from the family. Or, if you use a PC, you can always set any number of users’ profiles.

This makes sense when you have a few kids in the house and want to monitor them all. Or, your child has a rebellious deviant behavior, and you want to regulate it.


When searching something on the Internet, you stumble upon some sites with a lewd content. The Internet is a well of beneficial and awful information. And not willing to face filthy stuff, you still do it. So do kids. But if you want to manage it or reduce kids’ exposure to such content, you should definitely use CyberPatrol filters to mask profanity. The feature allows viewing sites, pages without being exposed to the gross material.


This feature is helpful in any case because it doesn’t require a physical access to a device. But those who take long-distance trips, night shifts or deal with co-parenting, that could be a good fit.

You can literally have access to usage reports, profiles from anywhere. Only make sure there’s the Internet connection.


As we’ve previously described, blocking pornography was always a focus point for Net Nanny. The Cyber Patrol feature allows first warning about the kind of content on that particular site and, if deemed pornography, blocking access to it.

Why is mSpy better?

If viewing the global parental control market, there are lots of giants playing for a long time on the field. Lots of them have similar monitoring features. For example, the mSpy parental control app offers a full set of tracking opportunities, including offline ones.

However, nowadays the thing to pay attention to is how the customers’ personal data is stored and processed. This is why any user before purchasing the app should find out if they comply with the GDPR guidelines.

For the record, the General Data Protection adopted by the European Union to protect its citizens’ data on the territory of the member states and outside it. Therefore, the mSpy parental control app sticks to its rules and guidelines.

Another factor to look up to is the company’s ability to survive cyber attacks fishing for customers’ database. Thus, mSpy has not just survived them but came out with a more robust data security system.

In a nutshell, the mSpy parental control app is a perfect finding for customers who want to get the whole set of monitoring features and a reliable data security system.

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