What Would Your Lost Cell Phone Reveal If You Didn’t Find It First

These days we all have a dual identity – our offline one and our online one! It is becoming incredibly important to protect the online one. Let’s stop and take stock of all the information you store on your smartphone – bank details?
Address? Passwords? Personal photos? If you stop and make a list of all of the personal information on your phone you would be surprised. So how are you protecting the information?

If you were to lose your smartphone – or if it was stolen – then whoever picks it up could have everything they need to commit identity theft, access your bank accounts or get their hands on private information relating to your employer.
With all of this critical information inside your smartphone, having a way to secure it is essential. In order to protect this information there are a number of steps that must be taken.

• Protect your advise with a strong password – and use it at all times!
• Make sure you have a backup for your data stored in a secure location.
• Have a method of recovering data if the phone is lost or stolen.
• Be able to wipe your phone remotely if it is lost.
• Know how to locate your phone using GPS tracking.

Looking at this list it may seem a little overwhelming, but the good news is that the majority of these tasks can be covered by installing mobile phone monitoring software such as mSpy on your smartphone. Not only will this spy app backup all message, call logs, emails etc, it can also be used to track the phone’s location via GPS tracking you find it quickly if it is lost or stolen. In the worst case scenario you can also send a command remotely to lock and/or wipe the phone.

A recent study carried out by Symantec suggests that there is as much as a 96% chance of the person finding a lost smartphone taking the opportunity to take a look through the information stored on it. Not all of these people will have malicious intentions, but is it really worth taking the chance? Having your smartphone lost or stolen is an inconvenience on its own, but when you add in the possibility that it means your personal information has been compromised it becomes a much more serious issue.

In addition to installing mobile phone spy software to protect your data, you can also take a number of very basic security measures to help protect yourself. First of all, make sure that you implement a strong password on your smartphone and use it! Many of us either do not bother to set up a password, or we simply get very lax about using it. Choosing a strong password that is difficult to guess is going to make a huge difference when it comes to stopping someone gaining access to your phone. It is also advisable that you avoid allowing automatic login on any programs or websites so that if someone does bypass your password, they cannot just log into your bank account or other secure area.

It’s time to get serious about you smartphone security.

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