What’s New in the Universe of Microsoft?

The disastrous acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft has just taken a whole new tragic turn with the announcement recently that 18000 jobs are to be cut. With the troubled mobile phone maker unable to break into a market dominated by the iPhone and Android systems, it is no wonder that such a move was taken by Microsoft. The intent of such a move is to shift Microsoft away from the device and services platform towards a productivity and platform company. This means that the focus for the company would be to move and gear up towards ensuring that mobile platforms and cloud sync would be the core competencies. We can look forward to seeing more Windows platform oriented mobile phones, tablets and PCs with increasing reliance on the Windows eco system and Cloud computing.
Taking a look at the current options for Windows OS phones, one can be tempted to say that their offering is pathetically small. Yet the Windows operating system for mobile phone is best represented by the Nokia Lumia series, a series that is surprisingly selling well. The newest flagship phone from the series would be the Lumia 1520 and it has so far been given good reviews on its performances. Following the current trends of creating bigger and more powerful phones, regardless of the fact that the person using it would look like an idiot trying to answer the call, the new Lumia 1520 is a phablet. This phone was released to the public at the end of 2013 and with the reviews only getting better for the phone; it looks like Microsoft is gaining a foot hold in the market, though too slowly for any discernible observations or gains. The amazing thing about the phone is the massive battery life, 3400mAh or translated into 25hr talk time. This is one particular area that is currently really lacking in most Android phones in the market, with many new phone offerings unable to deliver battery life longer than 20hrs when on low energy modes.
One area that never ceases to amaze is the 6 inch display. Though definitely huge for just traditional phone usages, it is one piece of amazing hardware that has definitely differentiated itself from its competitors. Even though the huge screen poses a difficulty holding it, it is still thinner than the HTC One Max, making it slightly easier to hold. Other impressive features include a 20 megapixel camera and an optional wireless charging cover that can be bought separately.
The area that most interest app developers is the maturity of the operating system. This has been growing steadily, giving it a more mature feel as compared to the initial operating system incarnation provided by Microsoft. Developers that once have been hesitant to pour resources in developing apps for a phone that no one would buy, are not looking at the OS more seriously. Companies like Pandora, Instagram and Vine are one of the many high visibility companies pouring resources into developing apps for the improved OS. This is definitely the OS to look forward to, if Microsoft can convince consumers to buy the Lumia models and get the mobile OS formula right.

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