WhatsApp and its Breakthrough Numbers

Nowadays, in the era of cosmic speeds and extremely simplified global communication, there is a plethora of instant messenger services that appear every day and spring into immediate popularity: ICQ, Skype, iMessage, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, to name just a few. These miracles of digital communication can do wonder – change personal and public consciousness, style of life, mode of behavior etc. Today, we’d like to talk about one such service developing rapidly right in front of our very eyes – WhatsApp.

New Messaging Record

There is the breaking news of this service announced a couple of days ago. Cross-platform mobile messaging app WhatsApp claimed that it has around 430 million active users at the moment and that up to 50 billion messages are sent and received through the app each day. The company added 100 million active users in the last four months alone.

During the interview carried out in connection with getting past the point of this significant number, CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum talked about privacy and touched on how his upbringing in Soviet Ukraine influenced the company’s stand on advertising and privacy. WhatsApp doesn’t collect users’ personal information and only knows the users’ phone numbers. Koum mentioned that WhatsApp makes it a point to know as little as possible about the users. But you have to keep in mind that you can monitor all WhatsApp chats.

Security is of Prime Importance

Judging by previous experience, there is the possibility of employing even the good things with negative consequences. For example, an instant messenger can be used not only to send texts and other media files to friends and relatives as quick as lightning, but to harass or bully someone online with the same ease. In this very case, certain protective measures should and can be easily undertaken.


Speaking about both online/offline protection of data and people, there is specialized software for cell phones that can perform the functions of a so-called “online bodyguard” for dear people and precious information alike. All you need is a mobile phone and a simple monitoring application to be installed on it. For instance, mSpy application can serve as your own personal pocket guard in a superb way! It will track and monitor all the online/offline actions of the owners of target mobile phones.

The needs to resort to such measures can be different:

  • to protect children from online dangers;
  • to track the elders or disabled members of the family for the sake of their wellbeing;
  • to secure company-issued phones and confidential business data stored on them;
  • to retrieve the lost cell phones, especially expensive ones (as well as block or wipe important information on them altogether);
  • to simplify the carrying out of professional duties by private detectives, law enforcement agents etc.

The only well-rounded and all-embracing decision for these troubles can be a reliable tracking/monitoring application for mobile phones, such as mSpy. It’s simple to install, to use, to upgrade or to deactivate it remotely if such a necessity arises. Besides, this app is compatible with almost all the models and existing platforms of cell phones. It can really become a bargain.

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