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WhatsApp spy app: the difference between spying and monitoring

WhatsApp spy app: the difference between spying and monitoring

Want to install WhatsApp spy app to read your kid’s messages?  It’s not a good idea since spying is forbidden in many countries. Whereas, there is a need to monitor your kids WhatsApp to prevent cyber dangers, such as cyberbullying, online predators, sexting, personal information leak.  So what is the difference between spying and monitoring? We will discuss it in this article.

Spying is a crime in the USA. However, monitoring is allowed by consent of the monitored person. Later in this article, you’ll find out if WhatsApp spy apps make sense for an effective parenting.

What’s the difference between monitoring and spying?

Spying means secretly collecting private, personal, hidden information about a person who didn’t provide the permission to do so. Spying means overstepping the rules and intervening the one’s private life. So WhatsApp spy apps might bring problems with the law and ruin your reputation as a person who doesn’t respect somebody’s private life.

Monitoring means supervising (not violating personal rights, not intervening, etc.) somebody’s activities with their prior consent. It does not involve receiving information that was not supposed to be divulgated.

Monitor your kid’s content on their cell phone with their agreement and map out together areas you’re allowed to look through. View text messages, call logs, and track GPS location to protect your child from unwanted Internet hook-ups, which often go beyond online. Thus, this builds relationships of trust and mutual respect.

So the best piece of advice for caring moms and dads is to drop the idea to install WhatsApp spy apps.

So if not WhatsApp spy app for my Android, what can I use to monitor my kid’s messages?

There’s a legal solution for every parent who wants to secure their kid’s Internet safety. The best way out is not to use WhatsApp spy app for Android or iPhone but to use a full-featured parental control app which, besides monitoring, provides geofencing, GPS location tracking, apps’ usage control, etc.

By the way, Europe which is vigilant about children’s issues advocates for using parental controls as a way to create a safe online environment for kids within the “European strategy to deliver a better Internet for our Children”.

The parental control application’s features allow to view not just WhatsApp messages (both on Android and iPhone), but social media chatting and messengers like Facebook one.

If your kid is obsessed with Snapchat and is more likely to use Telegram for chatting then mSpy can help you view all of them. Skype, iMessage, Viber, Line are also can be monitored with mSpy. Moreover, it provides a one-page report straight to your phone about your kid’s communication via cell phone or text messages. The route history is also available.

mSpy doesn’t limit parents with messengers’ monitoring. It allows them to view calls, contact details, and even block unwanted people.

mSpy team is aware how much parents can be thrilled if they simply cannot identify where their kid is at this particular moment  (yeah, it happens when kids left school and supposed to head to home but still not there). That’s why mSpy has GPS location tracker and geofences. Parents can track the kid’s position anytime, put virtual fences around safe zones, and be notified once they left them.

The powerful feature is monitoring the Internet use. Besides looking through browsing history, parents can view sites a child visits. They can block adult sites and limit kid’s surfing in the web. Plus, keyword alerts provide useful insights about frequent searches. The keyword tracking feature is extremely helpful since lots of dangerous secret groups like the Blue Whale Challenge are circulating on the Internet in search for new participants.

If your kid is a teen and is about to date then Tinder monitoring is also a necessary thing. mSpy allows to view your kid’s profile and see all matches. Tinder is widely used for random hookups and no strings attached relationships. So the feature helps to make sure your teen is not seeing with a 40 years-old guy.

In a nutshell, mSpy is a great monitoring app allowing legally to supervise the kid’s activities and, thus, protect them from Internet-related risks.

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