WhatsApp Spying On iPhone 5

If you’re wondering how you can snoop on an iPhone Whatsapp feature the time to stop looking is now. There is an app specifically designed to provide access to everything on the targeted device. The WhatsApp messenger can be viewed providing time and date stamps on all messages, including the other person’s phone numbers and identification. This is a great way to keep tabs on your children who have iPhone 5. Only the person with access to the online account may see the data transferred from the phone.

Features of WhatsApp Spy App:

This application has some cool features that allow the monitor to perform a lot of different things:

  • View conversations from the WhatsApp
  • Track names and numbers of the parties
  • Look at photos and videos taken by the phone
  • All these have time and date stamps uploaded to the online database for viewing

All of this is accomplished through the app by transmitting the data in small bursts of information; the tracked people cannot see any detectable changes in their data packages on the bill. The beauty of this application is that you can access the online account from any computer, as long as there is internet available, nonetheless, every computer is on the internet wireless or not. Therefore, you would have the freedom to check out what’s going on while on a coffee break at work if you wish. Inside the account is the control panel where you have access to monitoring every aspect of the target phone. This way, you can find out what those, individuals are doing and whom they are doing it with.

How to Install

Installation is easy after you purchase the application. You will receive an email confirming the purchase with the information to activate your online account and access the control panel. Additionally, you must download the software directly to the targeted phone and input an activation code. Once you receive the prompt that the installation is complete, you are ready to go to work using the application to see what the targeted phone’s user is doing. This whole process will only take a few minutes, and therefore, the users would not suspect they are being watched.

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