Who Will Shape IT World Future?

Now! Apple does go berserk against Android, as Steve Jobs once intended to!

A consortium of companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Ericsson, and BlackBerry, filed lawsuits against Android manufacturers, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Asustek, ZTE and some others, Google being indirect but important participant in the shadow.

81% of OS market share & 25% more of app store downloads in Google’s favor do not allow its rivals rest on laurels at all.

Financial figures are not in favor of Apple and Microsoft. Thus, they decide to deliver imperial fight-back in one more way possible – by the juridical club. Not for the first time in IT history, one should say. Not for the last, unfortunately.


War of Laws: Milestones of the Past

Stage one

Present day situation is the continuation of the so-called “bidding war” in 2011, when 6,000 patents, vitally important for Google’s fruitful activity, were acquired for $4.5 billion and amassed into portfolio for a newly created holding company. Google tried to get its piece of the cake, but lost.

Stage two – In the interim

Apple turned out to be the winner of the battle against Samsung, with the award of $1.051 billion in damages by the jury; though the sum being lower than its original request of around $2.5 billion. This judgment has since been appealed innumerable times and plunged into the quagmire of legislation. The incalculable army of layers is the only legal entity that gained a lot from this “IT Star War.”

There were more than 45 patent lawsuits against Android at those times; the quantity has grown significantly since then. The main target of this massive legal gun firing is advertising. The main stumbling block is the Adwords-relevant patent issued in December, 1998, pertinent to Google’s activity and revenues, officially bordering on the “patent law infringement”.

Stage three

Apple won a judgment against Samsung in the original trial, and now the limited damages retrial is looming ahead, which is to begin as soon as next week.

Some experts say awards can be reduced; though some believe there is the equal chance of awards being increased. What’s your bet?

What’s In Store?

The actual state of affairs is that every large company with solid R&D department has some patents some other company could inevitably infringe; willingly or not is another question. A bread-winning question for lawyers whose activity certainly serves not a rapid technological advancement but some other yellow-tinged master.

The intricate question of legality, patents and royalties arises every time one person invents something, and the other one claims its almost simultaneous parenthood as well. It’s especially painful for IT sphere where brand-new ideas are conceived every single second, and new concepts originate with the lightning speed in many brains. And breathtaking revenues serve a dainty bit in this eternal process. Let’s pray they do not shape our future in a total way.

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