Review 2019: Why Appmia vs mSpy is not an equal comparison?

Daniel Black
Why Appmia vs mSpy is not an equal comparison

What is Appmia? How does it work?

The application joins the list of the tracking apps which promise the full spectrum of monitoring opportunities. With Appmia, a user can track the other person’s activities on a mobile device and manage them remotely.

When Appmia reviewing, you’ll find plenty of information hinting at spying and the similar activities. This undermines the ethical issues every person turning to such kind of service should consider. It literally offers you to spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Viber. However, before collaborating with such provider, make sure you read the laws on monitoring and spying.

The other opportunities you might have with the software are reading sent or received text messages and emails (reading aka spying), pinpointing locations and viewing the movements’ history, limiting access to contacts, calls, messages, banning websites and social networks, and even recording calls and noises around the device.

The app functions in a hidden mode and won’t appear on the target device after the installation. The developer claims it to be covered by famous media outlets which is quite murky because media will never cover positively the apps compromising people’s rights for privacy.


Appmia offers its users to listen to recorded calls and people involved in them. This feature is quite murky since it openly violates human rights for private interactions with others.

The app allows to spy on somebody’s calls on Android and iOS devices. The calls are available in the control panel and can be downloaded to the computer.
Moreover, a user can record sounds around the target device. This means they might have access to a conversation between people anytime.

For the record, privacy is a foundational right of a human being acknowledged by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as lots of international, state, and local treaties. This is one of the key values of a person and one of the attributes of their dignity.

However, the app not just undermines those things but fuels suspicions and distrust between people.

In a nutshell, this kind of spying practices, including those listed below, is strictly condemned by relevant institutions and the society itself.


The software suggests spying on WhatsApp, Viber, text messages, Facebook messenger. Altogether with reading messages, the company’s customer can view the past recordings by indicating timestamps. Is a target person is an active WhatsApp user and you want to know the whole activity, it’s always possible to download a report on the WhatsApp use.

Speaking of Viber, you can view all the data stored via it, customize the research by indicating time and date, read docs if shared, and get access to all of that even without the Internet connection.

If a SO communicates with people from Facebook, they might not be put into a phone book. This social media is a much bigger well for interactions. Thus, monitoring Facebook messenger can provide more insights to the monitoring person. That’s why the company offers this feature as well.

Nowadays, people are used to using online messengers to communicate with people, especially if it’s about someone too intimate. However, the software allows to spy on text messages as well.


The GPS location tracking is very helpful and even makes sense when there’s a kid in the house. Nowadays in the US, 800 000 children go missing every year. There are different reasons for that, such as family and nonfamily abductions, runaways, and unknown reasons.
For overprotective parents, it is definitely a way out. The software allows to find the exact location of the person. A good news is that a parent can set no-go areas on the virtual map and be notified once they are breached. But spying on the other adult is illegal, according to the European definitions of monitoring and spying.

An asset of this app is the opportunity to view all the data without an Internet connection. Moreover, it’s possible to get the report on movements in general.


Emails are mostly used for a corporate interaction rather than for personal communication between people in relationships. Time changed, and the emails are no longer in demand that much. Thus, monitoring them is less popular unless a user fishes for some corporate data, which is illegal, by the way.

Therefore, this feature makes sense especially for business owners since the information distribution is being held via emails mostly.

The web tracking is much more interesting and insightful. This feature enables a customer to check every single site another person visited, as well as bookmarks. It comes with the details, such as how many times and when it was visited.

To sum up, the features might provide lots of interesting and tangible information since it reveals the whole online activity of the target person.


Back in 2006, the world was shifted due to the Blue Whale Challenge (aka Game). Designed to cleanse up the society from a bio-waste, it started circulating on the Internet and looking for vulnerable kids. The task was to recruit kids, involve them in the game’s assignments, and make them kill themselves and meanwhile stream online.
The victims’ parents cried out saying “ I wish we’d have known”. This means knowing the signs of the game. The latter is quite obvious: waking up at 4 AM and listening to the heavy music, cut oneself, hang out in the construction field, etc. The common characteristic for all of them is filming all the activities and let the game’s agents know that this particular task is done.

If this material can be tracked in time, the child’s participation in the game can be stopped. As a result, a parent has all the chances to prevent a child from suicide.
This is the only case when the intervention into somebody’s data is approved and reasonable. When putting on a balance your kid’s trust and their safety and life, it’s not a toss-up.

Thus, monitoring multimedia files makes sense for parents and does not violate human privacy.


Controlling a phone means managing some of its activities. The app allows blocking websites, applications, and incoming calls.

Apparently, you cannot do this with adults. But for teens who overuse the Internet and devices, it makes sense.

At present, the Internet teems with sites with a lewd content. So, managing kids’ access to them is a must since it’s up to parents to know what fuels their children’ mind.
Besides, there’s an illness called the Internet addiction. It is recognized by the UN. To correct the addicted person’s behavior, limiting their Internet and device use is necessary.
Speaking of apps, there are plenty of them. They devour kids’ time, cause sleep deprivation and decrease school performance. So, using this feature in these cases is highly recommended.

FEATURES: Voice memos

Voice memos feature is provided as an extra one. It can deliver lots of interesting facts about the monitored person and people they are used to communicating with. This could be conversations, talks secret recordings, or any other audio information. The latter might be converted to the worksheet and downloaded to the PC. Besides, you can always get to know timestamps related to a specific voice memo.

Again, that’s absolutely the matter of somebody’s privacy. The feature looks like the tool the FBI is used to working with to track a criminal. Its use is dubious and provocative in everyday ordinary life.

FEATURES: Calendar

Are you keeping a journal? How often do you show its content to others or share plans, goals, events? The question is “Almost never since it’s personal”. There are digital journals syncronized with calendars. It’s also private but used because it’s easy to use this way of planning.

Thus, nobody wants somebody else to poke a nose into their personal issues. However, the app suggests this kind of opportunity. They say the feature is powerful when it’s about kids and employees’ activities and their productivity.

The results are quite unclear, untrackable, and unmanageable.
So what does the app offer? It allows a user to view all calendar activities, get the timing details, check them later without the Internet connection. In overall, the feature looks good but still the question of the right to privacy itches.

FEATURES: Apps installed

The feature makes sense when your kid is used to making unauthorized purchases in in-built or installed apps, and you want to cope with it.

The other reason is the time spent on each of them. As a result, children get a school performance decrease, problems with sleep, health problems, etc. Nowadays, apps are so captivating kids can barely take time out of them to do some tangible work. Obviously, knowing what apps are installed and managing them are necessary for every single parent. Moreover, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy to figure things out. Also, do not even doubt your child is using apps. They do. All of them do use apps. Thus, limiting access and even blocking them is very useful.

Here’s another solid reason for caretakers to use this feature. Some apps lead to social networking sites, which, in their turn, are used by cyberbullies and child online predators. That way, Snapchat was recognized number one social media used for cyberbullying in 2016. At present, it joins the top 3 the most popular social media among teens. To make a conclusion, with such an exposure to these online risks, parents should definitely manage the apps’ usage.

However, the feature is not approved if used for spying on an adult who has the right to use any app, device, and social media without being tracked and, thus, compromised as a person.

FEATURES: Keylogger

The Keylogger feature is one more tool to spy on people since it delivers all keyword strokes ever made on the monitored device. So if someone is sexting, a user will find out.
Speaking of sexting, the child one is very dangerous. It is criminalized in the US, Australia, and the UK. In America, parents can go to jail if their child is involved in child sexting. In fact, it is equal to the child pornography and its participants may be recorded as sex offenders by the police. One mistake can cost the education and the career to a teen who sexted once or twice without knowing consequences. This is why caretakers have all the chances to track in time this kind of behavior.

The keylogger feature can help with identifying children’ participation in dangerous online activities (the Blue Whale Game, the Flatliner, etc.). Or, a parent might want to find out if their child is a bully after the principal’s complaints.

In any other cases, the use of this feature is questionable.


The app fuels the obsessed and oversuspicious people’s will to control their partners or even the child by providing the opportunity to spy on their calls and contacts.

Besides listening to all incoming and outgoing calls, you can view names and contacts of people participated in that particular call. Also, you can get the whole picture of call logs to a control panel and view it anywhere and anytime.

Employee Phone Spying

Here’s an interesting fact: about 80% of the companies supervise their employees’ use of the Internet, mobile devices, and email (according to the American Management Association’s annual survey). 92% represent the financial sector. These are banks, real estate, insurance, brokerages. Apparently, it’s all about people’s personal and particularly financial data no one wants to put in danger, especially due to recent cyberattacks. In a nutshell, if the employees’ monitoring is validated by the law in the country of the company’s residence, its use is reasonable. Herewith, the other monitored person must be informed and provide a consent.

Also, changing the term “spying” to ‘monitoring“ is a must since the latter is allowed by the law.

iPhone Spying Software

For the record of tracking software users, features provided to Android and iOS devices differ. So before purchasing the app, make sure to check what features are compatible with your concrete device.

So what can I get if purchasing Appamia for my iPhone? If you’re a lucky owner of iPhone, you can do plenty of things, such as:

  • View text messages and iMessages
  • Read emails
  • Monitor the current location and view movements’ history
  • Check calendar events and people from a phone book
  • Block websites and social networking sites
  • View and manage installed apps
  • View photos and videos

The set of features is solid enough. However, make sure your device doesn’t need jailbreaking since it jeopardizes your phone’s safety and functioning in general.

Android Spying Software

If you use an Android device, find out if the installation requires rooting. As jailbreaking, rooting compromises the phone’s safety and the way it works. Rooting disables updates and safety measures, provided by Google Play. There are many other reasons why you shouldn’t root your device.

For Android, the developer suggests the following opportunities:

  • Monitoring of text messages
  • View emails
  • Look through visited places and check the current one
  • Block websites
  • Manage installed apps
  • View music, video and manage their use

There are not too many differences. However, there are more sound tracking solutions on the monitoring market, which embody the full monitoring functionality and the legal background, thus, not making customers compromise the ethical side of the issue. One of these solutions is the mSpy parental control app.

Why is mSpy better?

Appmis vs mSpy is not an equal competition. mSpy has nothing to do with spying. Its firm position is well described in its Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use.

mSpy is a parental control app whose functionality reflects the expertise gained over the years in the field of monitoring. With its 30 different well-tailored, customized features, the app is considered one of the best parental control software on the market.

It’s important to mention that the app’s use complies with the GDPR guidelines on storing and processing data. It means that the users’ data encrypted and be visible as well as understandable only to users themselves. After multiple attacks that literally killed similar apps, mSpy has not just survived but proved its reliability and, thus, trustworthiness. So using a reliable monitoring app like the mSpy one is way better than spy one which compromises the device’s safety and people’s ethical norms.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.

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