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Review 2019 | Why My Mobile Watchdog cannot be an ultimate monitoring solution for parents?

Why My Mobile Watchdog cannot be an ultimate monitoring solution for parents

Suspended, arrested or excluded – this is the sentence for teens who expose an indecent behavior on social media, and, that way, blemish their academic future.

Parents, if you think that nobody watches your kids online, you’re wrong. Your kids are being watched. Why? Because nowadays their online exposure speaks much more than the applications. It starts being a ground for accepting or denying them. At least, for Harvard University.

In 2017, the Ivy League canceled admission offers of at least ten students who posted memes and images on social media that ridiculed minority groups, child abuse, sexual harassment and the Holocaust. Also, the same year in the Boulder, Colo., area 12 students had severe legal and academic problems due to offensive posts on Facebook. These were rape memes, messages promoting “white power,” and comments about willing to kill black and Jewish people.

The question every parent should ask themselves is “How can I keep my kid out of this if they are obsessed with social media?”.

First, you need to understand that an inappropriate online behavior is the result of two main factors: kids’ complete ignorance of norms and rules on how to behave online and parents’ lack of monitoring on how they actually do it.

Another question should come up “What should I do or use to monitor my kid’s online activities?”. This is exactly the case when the subject of parental controls become important. Let’s overview some of them.

What is My Mobile Watchdog?

It is an application that allows parents to access the child’s phone activity and view text messages, calls, contacts, installed apps, visited websites, and locations. It delivers some insightful information about the child’s behavior online and offline. Meanwhile, the developer claims it can affect kids’ capability to make smart decisions.

However, parents need to be at least quick-witted to figure out how My Mobile Watchdog Works because its official site brings more questions than answers. The app runs on Android and iOS devices, but if you want to find out some specifics – go create a Support Ticket.

What features allow me monitoring my child’s activities?

From My Mobile Watchdog review, you’ll find out that there are eight main features:

  • Messages: you can read any text message sent or received by your child. This feature even allows viewing multimedia files exchanged between companions;
  • Calls: you can get call logs to your dashboard and even see who’s been calling and when. It also comes with alerts which might be set up intentionally by parents;
  • Contacts: all the people from the phone book are visible to a parent. They can also get alerts if some of those people are reaching out to a kid at some particular moment;
  • Apps: this feature helps manage screen time. It’s enough to select Allow, Allow 30 min, or Block;
  • Reports: the feature provides sheets of reports on kid’s online and offline activities. It might be helpful if it’s necessary to print reports;
  • Websites: a parent can view all the sites ever visited by a child. Besides, it’s possible to block them or at least set up alerts when a child tries to visit them;
  • Time Blocks: another feature helps regulate the child’s screen time. At present, it works only for Android devices;
  • Locations: an ordinary GPS tracking feature that delivers the last 99 places your child have visited. It is quite helpful for parents who are overload and need to check on their kids remotely.

Despite a few monitoring features, My Mobile Watchdog has a serious drawback – no iMessages monitoring. Nowadays, kids are likely to communicate via Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other trendy messengers. They do not text and send multimedia files in SMS. It’s an old day. But iMessages is where the whole magic happens. That’s why parents should look for a more advanced tracking app, which is the mSpy parental control app.

Why is mSpy better?

mSpy is a parental control app that provides the full picture of how your kid uses the device and the Internet. It has more customized features, such as Keyword alerts and Keylogger. They narrow down parents’ searches which makes them more aware.

In overall, mSpy offers more than 30 monitoring features. Thanks to its flexible pricing policy, a customer can choose the most convenient package that meets the family’s specific needs.

Another mSpy asset is its compliance with the GDPR guidelines. They regulate the way the data stored, processed, and distributed. For customers, it means their personal data are well protected.

How should parents select monitoring apps?

When examining different tracking apps, parents should pay attention to the following:

  • Full set of monitoring features;
  • Clear offer on the site;
  • Data protection system;

Regarding the factors mentioned above, it becomes clear that the mSpy parental app is an obvious win-win here.

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ray luke III
ray luke III
October 9, 2019 10:30 am

How is it ethically legal for a 85 yr old father to mspy his daughter and ruin her and her fiance just bc of hatred.

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