Why the SpyStealth review 2019 is enough to understand the app’s benefits?

Carl L. Hirsch
Why the SpyStealth review is enough to understand the apps benefits

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What is SpyStealth?

As it’s clear from SpyStealth review, this is a tracking app for Android and iOS phones. The developer informs potential customers that the monitored person must be informed beforehand about the fact of being supervised. Otherwise, it’s illegal and unethical.

Spying is flat-out forbidden in the USA and the European countries since it violates the human rights for privacy. The legislation defines the clear difference between spying and monitoring. It clears up where, under which circumstances, how and who can monitor another person. The legislation excludes any use of spy apps. However, spy software manages to find its niche as a lot of people are willing to spy on others illegally.

Media and thought influencers cover them as evil apps on the monitoring market and reveal their true intentions. Media warns that these apps’ use is illegal, unethical, and ruins relationships. However, it doesn’t hinder them from growing. As long as there are infidelity and suspicious human nature, this kind of apps will make sense.

How SpyStealth Works

To get started with SpyStealth, you need to purchase the most convenient program for you. Then set up the app on the target device. There’s also the icon that informs that this device is being monitored. Meanwhile, you get detailed installation instructions and around-the-clock support.
If you’re not sure about the program, you can always give it a try with an online demo.

Features: Control Panel

As a customer, you get all the information straight to your Control Panel. The data kept there is encrypted and can be accessed only by the SpyStealth customer.

By the way, you can set the intervals for the GPS and other information updates to be delivered to your Control Panel.

The developer called it also an innovative Live Control Panel which allows to see the current GPS location and online activities at this particular moment. It enables to execute live commands and surveillance in real time.

Features: Communication Logs

This feature contains call logs, text messages, emails, etc. Monitoring call logs might be very insightful in some individual situations, but you should always ask yourself if it’s worth it. The attitude of trust is above all and happens more effective in relationships.

Not all monitoring tools provide call audio recording. They refused this feature due to multiple reasons. The most tangible is a service maintenance. So if you stumbled upon such feature, it’s always murky if the service will really work great since the whole process is very cumbersome.

To get to the point, before picking spyware and, thus, listening up to somebody’s calls, make sure it won’t cause technical problems which will hold the functioning of the whole application.

Before describing text messages monitoring feature, let’s read the story of Phoebe from Denver who used to read text messages of his fiance and now they split up.

We’ve been dating for 5 years before my boyfriend popped up. I said yes but was still hesitating since it’s such a serious step. I was doubting he was the one. Yep, we had ups and downs as any couple does. But still that feeling of “not yet, not the one, early…” was literally haunting me. I decided to check his texts. Don’t know why. Perhaps, wanted to know him to the fullest. And did check. Just once. Turned out he’d been seeing another woman in another city. Meanwhile, making me a proposal. Such a flop. I just read “hey, babe, I’ll be there in 10 mins” and another one was a fair sexting.

I was shocked. I did not tell I was spying on him. But at least I had a reason to refuse the proposal.
There are thousands of cases like this one. People want to know what their significant ones are doing. They don’t want to be lied or cheated. They think they can protect themselves with the app. But it doesn’t protect relationships, it reveals their very nature.

SpyStealth reads emails as well. However, this way of communication is less interesting from the romantic point of view. It is used more for professional purposes.

Features: GPS Locations

To understand the SpyStealth GPS location tracking feature and its role in everyday life, let’s read the story of Claire from Boston.

I was lost because my boyfriend was used to being late after work periodically. I heard girlfriends say that this was a signal of cheating. So I bought the spy app. Early in the morning, when he was still in bed, I installed the app and started using right after he had left home. I was attracted by the perspective of monitoring more, but common sense overcame. So I checked on him only after 5 PM. Turned out he’d gone to the foster center for animals. “ Ok, then why he did not tell anything about it? Why keeping it in secret? What’s the point?” Ok, I calmed down and didn’t say a word. The following day, I did the same. Nothing special – popped into his coworker. Another day, again the canter for animals.

No signs of cheating or another woman. I gave up software right after the first month of subscription.

Later on, he gave me a puppy for our anniversary. I was so ashamed and felt guilty. So I’ve decided to confess. He couldn’t believe his ears. He was insulted and left home for a few days. No messages, no calls. I was afraid he would leave me. We were on edge. Thank God, we survived this and I promised I would never do this again.

So, my biggest lesson here is before turning to things like this app, make sure it won’t run your relationships afterward.

Features: Internet

Monitoring the web activity means viewing the web history, specifically YouTube, and social media.

The web history translates which sites your kid visited. The system logs in their URLs and delivers them to the Control Panel.

63% of teens watch YouTube. Although it has the parental control option, it’s easy to get around it. So SpyStealth allows monitoring it.

SpyStealth has an extra feature which identifies screenshots and URLs from social media messenger applications.

Features: Media Files

With SpyStealth, you can view photos. This feature is especially necessary for parents. Here’s why it makes sense.

Lots of teens happen to sext nowadays. This online phenomenon means exchanging sexually explicit material. Usually, adults and teens are involved.

In the US, sexting is criminalized. Moreover, parents of kids who store the provocative material can get in jail (with a 15-year mandatory). The House of Representatives adopted the bill which defines the child sexting as illegal. In Australia, both who shares and who stores this kind of material are guilty of possessing child abuse material. These people are registered as sex offenders for eight years or more.

There were enough precedents when child sexting led to kids’ suicides. Child sexting is narrowly connected with cyberbullying. In the US, about 40% of teens sexted and 50% received sexts. Thus, in order to prevent your child’s involvement in such activity, monitoring photos is a must.

Features: Alerts

The Alerts feature has a few faces. Parents can track if some profane stuff was ever typed or seen by a child. If parents set up geo-fences (no-go areas), they are immediately informed.
The intrusion alerts means the system informs about the wrong PIN number input.
SpyStealth allows setting up Custom alerts which notify about specific words or phrases.

Why is mSpy better?

mSpy is a good fit for parents and caretakers in overall. It raises awareness about every single possible risk or danger a child may encounter online. Meanwhile, mSpy team provides an actionable solution.

It also complies with the American and European legislation on monitoring. Its positioning is well described in its legal documents.

It also sticks to the GDPR guidelines. Thus, the customer can have peace of mind since all their data is secured. Altogether with a flexible pricing policy, it makes mSpy the best on the monitoring market.

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