Why You Should Monitor Employee Mobile Phone Usage

As an employer you will want your staff to give their best when working for you, however, there are some unscrupulous employees who will not pull their weight when it comes to productivity and who will take advantage of any benefits you provide them.

One example of this is when you provide a mobile phone for your employee’s usage, only for them to constantly use it for personal calls. However, there is a way to curtail this private usage, and that is to make sure that the phone is fitted with a software program that will enable you to keep track of the calls and activities that the employee uses the phone for.

This software will not only help you to keep an eye on the amount of spending they are doing on private phone calls that is being paid for by you, the employer, but it will also be able to let you know just what they are up to throughout the day. And this can be especially helpful if your deceptive employee is out and about a lot during the day.

Another plus point to this kind of software is that it contains an advanced tracking system, powered by the GPS network which will allow you to monitor the exact whereabouts of your employee, and find out if he is spending his working hours doing something else, such as shopping.

Some unscrupulous employees may take the mobile phone that is for work use only and end up using it to talk to friends and family for hours on end. The cost of all these forbidden calls will have to be met by your company and has the potential to add up to a tidy sum over time. With this software installed on to the mobile phone, you will be made aware of these calls and text messages and will be able to take appropriate action to stop it. This is particularly important if the nefarious employee is using the phone to capture or distribute offensive pictures, because if caught by the authorities, your company name is registered on the phone and this can have a damaging effect on your company’s public profile, once the details become public.

You may well be wondering if this type of mobile phone monitoring is legal? Well, if the phone or phones are registered as your or your companies property then yes it is. However, it is advisable to make sure that the employees sign a legal document that makes them aware that their company mobile phone usage, and whereabouts during working hours, is going to be monitored, that way everyone knows where they stand. Plus they will be fully aware of just what disciplinary steps are likely to be taken if they are found out.

mSpy is one such software program that comes with a number of surveillance features that will help you to keep on the activities of your employees. This includes, phone calls, text messages, web pages visited as well as their locations and contacts.

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